Preparations for My Niece's 2nd Birthday

So my niece is turning two this February, I should be excited too because I am turning 24 by the end of the month but for some strange reasons, I am actually ignoring my own birthday and is very excited with my niece's. Teehee so silly of me but this is true though. I had fun preparing for her 1st birthday before. And yet, this birthday celebration will indeed be more wonderful because her daddy, my big bro will be coming home a day after her actual birthday, reason why we need to postpone the celebration to the 12th of the said month.

And because of that, I am again making her invitation cards and her tarpaulin, though I am not yet done with the tarpaulin, I am just excited on letting you get a sneak peak of how her 2nd birthday invitation card looks like. I am just excited so here it is:

Unlike last year, we will not invite Jollibee or any other mascot for the birthday party, instead we will gonna do it on our own, we will head up some games for the children. My niece enjoys her friends' company so she will surely love to play instead of watch any mascot dance in front.

One more catch is the whole family will take a round bohol tour this time. I hope we could get to those tourist spots we haven't gone yet or those I couldn't recall visiting before. Here are just some of the places I would like to go this time:

> EAT Danao
> Sagbayan Peak
> Hinagdanan Cave
> Bee Farm

Oh and by the way, I might be giving out this invitation card template soon, keep updated with my freescrapbooks blog.

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