Me Hearts Korean Drama: A Moment To Remember

Sad love stories are my favorites because I tend to cry and feel like I am on their shoes. Today, I had just watched a Korean Movie Drama titled A Moment To Remember starring Son Ye-jin and Jung Woo-sung. I like how their story blossomed. While Su-Jin (Son Ye-jin) was dumped by his boyfriend who was unfortunately married, she went to a family store and accidentally snatched Cheol-Su's (Jung Woo-sung) soda, thinking it was her's. That was their first meeting and the rest was history. The soda moments made me think of the soda scenes of the K-drama Lie to Me.

Cheol-Su was a carpenter turned architect in the story, he had that construction worker look with rugged pants and rusty shirts plus tools hanging on his belt. Though he had that aura, Su-Jin was very attracted to him, in fact she was persistent and soon successful in getting Cheol-Su's sight and then soon his heart, only that she never had heard him say 'I Love You' to her.

Revenge is sweeter with a can of Coke!
Sweet Moment :)
During their wedding, sorry the photo is pixelated.
The plot of their lovely story was when Su-Jin found out about her disease, she had Alzheimer's Disease and soon was discovered too by her husband. It was a sorrowful challenge on their marriage because she would often remember her ex-boyfriend and not her husband. Thinking that she has been hurting his husband, she asked for a divorce and moved without letting Cheol-Su know where she was situated. Cheol-Su found out where she was when at one time, she sent her a letter because she had remembered everything that they had went through. Using the letter's address, he went to find his wife. She was successful in finding her and that day, he did all he can do to make her memory come back. He then had his chance to tell her he loves her. That ended the story though.
Their house was full of sticky notes so Su-Jin would be able to know how to use them and what to do with them.
I was crying like a baby each time they talk about the disease. When I look at them, I could sense how their hearts were actually breaking and then I felt like I am on her place. Teehee that was silly but it's true and my tears were pouring out nonstop. Anyway, I thought the Su-jin was familiar then I found out she was Lee Min Ho's leading lady on the TV series, Personal Taste. My favorite scenes where when Su-Jin was making a scrapbook, I can really relate to it, there was a scene where Cheol-Su was whispering something to Su-Jin and they were really sweet. Those were just some of them, I don't want to recall anything sad though.

I just had some trouble watching it at first because the subtitle I downloaded was not synchronized with the video. It took time for me to find the correct subtitle. The movie was worth watching, it made me laugh, giggle and cry at the same time.

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