Smartbro claims they are the fastest internet provider throughout the country and had tested it with the help of NESIC and Sysnet, two professional speed-test experts.

Since I just switched back to Smartbro a week ago, I want to test the speed I am getting with it. We are subscribed to their WiMax 1 Mbps and so since they had tested the speed with some of the most accurate speed-test websites from around the world, I also did my own testing on our speed. Here's what I got:

I found it funny because I tried to test our speed with the ATT speedtest as well and here's what I got:

Superb speed!

I am just contented with what I am getting, way before when I was with Globe Wimax, I would only get half of the speed I subscribed to and that the connection intermittently drops as well. I just had nothing but problems with my Globe Wimax subscription. Glad I got Smartbro back!

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