Say Hello to Titan 5

My previous post was about how James lost my Zeus helmet and that I was in search for a new helmet, I am just glad that payday went earlier than usual and we went ahead and looked for my new helmet. We allotted a budget of Php 1500-2500.

Shop is located in Guadalupe Street, Guadalupe. Went we went there last Saturday, July 14, 2012 number of customers mostly guys were present and testing out some of their helmets too! We found Index Titan 7 I-shield, it was OK but I didn't like the gray colored inner foam because I know it would get easily dirty. They only had a couple of stocks left, most of them were full faced helmets and so we decided to just call them since their new stocks will arrive next week. Their helmets cost starts from Php 1400. Contact number: +639225303854, (032) 5146210.

Second stop: Motoworld
We purchased both our helmets here a month ago, located in G/F The Forum, Archbishop Reyes Ave. , Lahug. The shop was under renovation when we went there and there were numerous customers too compared to the last time we visited the shop. Too sad because they don't have any open faced helmets anymore, we found a white LS2 Modular type worth Php 2500, I thought it is a good price considering the quality but it didn't fit me. It was too small for me that when I tried it on, I had a hard time breathing and I felt like my cheeks were being pressed together real hard. We didn't buy it, it was a bit regretful but it's OK, in the first place, I really didn't consider buying a full face helmet I still prefer an open faced one. Contact number: (032) 268-2628

Front view of my new Index Titan 5 helmet
Third stop: Type E
I was referred by a friend, I thought it was worth a try so we went ahead and checked it out. We were having a hard time finding their shop but eventually we managed. There were many customers in their shop too! It isn't a surprise though since August 1 is fast approaching. And the helmet that we were looking for exactly was found at last. I posted previously that I want to have a white helmet, preferably the cheaper one, either the Index or the LS2. I finally found the helmet of my choice with the Index Titan 5 and it was a white one good for Php 1850. We even asked for a discount and they gave it to us for Php 1800.

Shop is located in Mandaue City, in a corner towards Lapu lapu City via the old Mactan bridge.
Back view of my new Index Titan 5 helmet with ICC sticker.
What I like: 
> Of course I like the color, it's clean and white.
> Tinted glass, I don't like others to see my face while driving.
> Price was within our budget.

What I don't like:
> The head foam was really thin compared to my lost Zeus helmet.
> I had a hard time with the lock, with my previous helmet, I can easily unlock it by simply pulling this string out. With this one, I could hurt myself first before I unlock it. But I know I'll get used to it soon.

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