How James Lost My Zues 506W Helmet

A month ago, James and I visited Motoworld Cebu and purchased our first Zeus 506W helmet, after a couple of days, we bought an LS2 helmet and had been using them, I used the Zeus and James used the other one. I love both helmets especially mine because it isn’t just an open face type of helmet. Has thick foam and it is comfortable to use. It also a double visor on it and I look like a total rider. Teehee
This is how my Zues helmet looks like, I don't even have a clear photo of it, got this photo from the web
But we had a very unfortunate event two days ago because James lost my helmet and he never realized that he lost it already after almost 24 hours. Funny how he ­left it hanging on one of the bike’s handle and after locking up the bike immediately went home. We usually had to park it outside the apartment and left it there overnight until he takes me to work at four in the morning. When he reached the apartment, he never even wondered why he just had one helmet on hand and just went back to bed that morning. When he went to work at 12:30 noon, he never notice that there’s only one helmet in the helmet stand and just went to his office, when the night came and he went home at almost 11 in the evening, I was on the other hand sleeping already. Now, the truth came to him when he placed his helmet on the stand, he told me it was like he was thrown with a container of cold water when he realized he left it outside. He kept on asking for forgiveness and though I was like upset about it since that was just a month old, I kept myself cool and comforted him instead because he was like he lost a loved one at that time. It was a Php 2500 worth helmet and losing it was really a pain but it is just a thing though, we know we can have it replaced and just charge it to experience.

The only photo I had with my Zues helmet on, the one in front is James'
Today, I guess we had moved on from that unfortunate event and are both looking on new type of helmet to buy on, we are now looking forward to buying an LS2 helmet again but are also considering the Index one. 

Which of these two do you think is nicer?
Index Titan

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