Epic Fail Road Trip

Sunday and Monday are both my rest days as well as my friends so we always make this our "laag" days. But for the past few weeks, we had been going out to unplanned trips and we end up with returning home late night, exhausted and pretty regretful travelling without proper a proper plan.

Just like last weekend, one of my colleagues named Effie asked me to join them on one of their photo-shoot session in a marvelous place in Liloan, Cebu. Yet, prior to the day of the event, we figured out that this place called Amara is a private village and that only those who have appointments to one of the home owners are allowed in the area unless given the authorization of the management though. We hesitated to go but then just went with the flow, all eight of us were on our way to Liloan with four motorcycles.

We passed by SM Cebu City, catch up with each other at Metro Mandaue now known as Pacific Mall, we had a glimpse of the new SM Consolacion which I never had a good picture with and eventually reached Liloan proper. We even reached Barangay Catarman where Amara village is located but we realized that one of our motorcycles was running out of gas, Mia (our own motorcycle) was also almost drained up too, it was already almost fifteen minutes passed five.

Considering the gas outage and Effie sent us a notification that they were not able to come inside because they didn't called for any appointment or reservation, we decided to turn back and just go to a nearer area and look for a gas station. We stopped by Papa Kits but ended up leaving because it was almost dark and we won't be able to enjoy the place. Good thing we were able to get to a gas station and filled our tanks to its full. 

We enjoyed our time roaming around SM Consolacion, we will surely come back some time soon...
Finally after a couple of discussion, we found our destination - SM Consolacion. We then just enjoyed the time that we were in the area and then celebrated our friendship day with a box of cake and some lechon manok with liempo that night.
Our cake labeled as Happy Friends Day sponsored by Red Ribbon!!!
And also, we got to capture an ultimate friendship photo:
We had so much laughter taking this photo, we had several attempts and we didn't care about the whose watching us nor care if they would judge us as long as we are happy. Thanks to Greenwhich for this lovely photo we copied...

Now I just realized we haven't taken ourselves a photo yet with our rides, we'll surely do this one of these days and I'll share it to you too!

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