*767 to the Rescue!

Disclaimer: For  Smart and Talk 'n Text pre paid users only! 
Have you ever been to a situation where you don't have any more minutes left? I had this type of situation a lot of times actually because I am this person now who would only buy load minutes if it is really necessary, and I am not a postpaid user, so good luck to me. Way back in highschool and college years, I would not live a day without buying minutes for my phone so I can register to unlimited sms services. But this attitude has been changed since James came into my life. He had influenced me and since then texting is never an "IN" thing in my life. The following scenario is common to me:

Someone sent me an sms, it is important so I replied to him/her and then my phone whines:
"Your service plan does not allow you to send text messages. (contact your service provider for details)" or in short, I don't have any more minutes available.

Before, I would immediately rush to a nearest loading station or requests a pasaload to my mama through *808 service, this is quite helpful too but today, I don't mind getting this error message anymore since smart introduced the *767 service for their subscribers. This service would let you borrow four sms credits enough for me to reply to that important message and sends my mama a message to buy me some load minutes as a payment for the four sms I borrowed from smart. 

I have been using this service for quite awhile. So how does it work? Pretty easy, just dial *767 on your phone dial pad. After a few seconds you will receive this message from Smartload:

"Date and time: You have received 4 Smart to Smart/TNT texts valid for 1 day. P4 will be deducted upon your next top-up. Thank you. Ref. number"

Now once you buy any regular loads, the system will automatically deduct four sms credits from your account. They will send you a message similar to this:

I am not sure though if most of the Smart or Tnt subscribers know this but this has been a great help to me. Hope this can help you out in a way as well.


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