Summer Isn't Over Yet With Icruise

photo credits to ryan bagaporo
Thanks to my new team, the spx (specialist) for the island hopping experience. The iCruise was an incentive given by our company HR because the team earned the most number of referrals last few months of recruitment. I shouldn't be joining this special treat because I just came into the team a few weeks ago but the team was very accommodating and generous to add me on the list. We were 30 in all and the HR said the boat can accommodate 30 heads, that was very good news.

A day before the iCruise date, it rained so hard there's even flooding in downtown Cebu and all of us prayed that the weather would cooperate but it was saddening because it rained hard again a few hours before we headed to Mactan island. Although the streets of Cebu were giving signs of another flooding and the skies looked like it would rain the whole day, we still went on our way hoping the rain would go. We were grateful that the rain was only in Cebu City, the roads of Mactan showed no signs of raindrops at all. That was a relief!

The company van dropped us at Port of Punta Engaño passenger terminal, right of Hilton Hotel and to where most of island hopping bancas and boats are situated. 

hilton to sta. rosa travel schedule
After ten minutes we learned that our boat ported at the other side of the island, specifically in Marigondon which was a 20 minute drive from where we were. We don't have any other choice at all so we drove going there; it was unfortunate because it rained again, though it was not that hard. We reached the site and were greeted by the banca men. We then hopped into the banca. Just when we thought we would reach Pandanon island where we would spend the whole night, the great waves greeted us on our way, the banca men informed that the banca can't survive those huge waves and so we went back and decided that we will just spend the whole night at a beach near our location and pursue the island hopping tomorrow morning, everyone agreed though some thought of not coming anymore because of the weather.

banca hopping and the troubled Kurt!

We ended up at Vaño Beach. We got our tents ready and out of the bad experience, we were able to still smile and had our cam-whoring moments!

We were delighted because the morning sun greeted at the next day. And again, we hopped into the banca hoping this will be it! Unlike the other day, the sea was already calm and the sky is clear. It was a perfect day!

heavy up and down the rocks trip towards the island hopping

First stop was the Kilutongan Island which was just 20 minutes away from where we stayed that night. We stopped just a few meters away from the island. 

Ten minutes away from kilutongan was the Caohagan Island, it was a very small island yet a long shoreline lies on its foot. Aside from the view, there were great sea foods to choose from. You can order them fresh and demand how you want them to be cooked. We bought boiled Saang and two large grilled squids.

The last island we visited was the Supla Island, there were three bancas staying in that island, there were jet skis too, I was dead drooling in jealousy! Too bad my camera had died on me before we reached the island, bummer! :(

Though there were hindrances during the team building event, we still managed to get through and looked at the brighter side of the coin. Glad we were able to get plan B on track. It was a wet-ful experience but had strengthened the relationship of the whole team. Looking forward for more bonding and team socials soon...


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