Everybody Loves The Sea But...

I am posting this for the sake of our future generation, for our children and the children of our children. Yes, everybody loves the sea or the beach for an instance, I love the beach, I grew up with the sea and I know you love it too! Whenever there are birthday celebrations, events, holidays or even if it is just an ordinary day, every one loves to go to beach to chill out, to get our "kayumanggi" skins tanned or at least enjoy that day. However, not everybody cares for it. Not everyone gives an amount of kindness to what's behind that cool white beach in the provinces. And the worst, not everyone gives a single importance to the creatures living underneath the magnificent waters.

Though our marine environment had given us all the great things we can acquire, not everyone is thankful of it. Not all of us is appreciative enough to value what's left for our next generation. Our country's seabed which was once full of marine resources had been taken advantage of this foreigners in tandem with our own "kababayans", a painful revelation.  They are harvesting and peddling the homes of our sea creatures most specially, the fishes. Poor little thing, we can't let this happen and we can't just sit here and watch them take those jewels out from our ocean just as how these following photos show:

Photos grabbed from kevinraychua.com

This is unacceptable! Imagine how many fishes had become homeless after they did this? I can't totally grasp the fact that Filipinos had done this, they may have their own reasons but doing this isn't the correct way. And I hope our government is now making ways of eliminating this crime.

Anyway, so much with all the emotions. Seeing this, what can we do? Here are some opinions:

  • Tweet, Plurk, or post to spread the word about this event: Share or repost this announcement.
  • Use the Twitter hashtag #reefwatchPH.
  • Spread the savephilippineseas.com URL.
  • Repost and share our official campaign badge (to be posted soon so please come back!).
  • Most importantly, on June 8, join the Blog Action Day from your favorite social media channels (blog, Tumblr, Posterous, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc.

Some ideas and suggestionsWhile the issue is serious, there are a lot of creative ways to send our message across on or before June 8:
  • An open letter to officials and companies.
  • A photo essay about your favorite beaches or dive spots.
  • Design and share mini-posters, posters and drawings.
  • If you grew up near a beach, tell us about your fond memories.
  • Post about why your (future) kids and future grandkids ought to have the chance to see and enjoy our coral reefs and seas.
  • Why harvesting and peddling corals is bad for the environment and is bad business.
  • Proposals on how to protect or clean up our seas.
  • If you belong to a clan, group, or organization, invite them to join the event.

Let's do our share! Spread love, save our nature!

BTW, thanks to Kevin Ray Chua for posting about this. For other information, visit savephilippineseas.com.


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