Angry Birds On My Chrome Browser

I have this love for pigs. I love to see pig stuff toys, piggybanks are my sweet love, I cry out when I see pigs being slaughtered but when they had done their biggest mistake when they stole the bird's eggs, making those birds angry and at the same time, making me angry as well. Lol, you might think I am a bit mind-twisted right now but hey! If you are hooked up with the game angry birds, you would understand me, that's for sure.

I installed my angry birds PC game last year, played on our mobile phones at work and now, guess what? I have angry birds on my browser! How would you feel about that then? If you are a Google Chrome user like me, then you must have known about the available chrome web store. Angry Birds was featured today and so I grabbed it and immediately installed it on my baby chrome.

Oh yeah! I can play it right there and then! I would simply open a new tab, click on my angry birds icon  and here I go again!

Here is a recorded video while I was starting up with the game using the browser. It is quite smooth and I forgot that I was just using a browser throughout the game! Amazing, right?

Get it now on your browsers too and enjoy the game!


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