Team Papa Joe Lunch At Casa Verde

Though I am not anymore part of the Team Papa Joe, I am glad I was invited for the team lunch which happened yesterday and took place at Casa Verde in Ayala Terraces. We had a great time and laughed alot, as in a lot! Unlike before,  everyone was present yesterday. We got a prize from making to the top team for our account's overall stack ranking for the month of April. And as a celebration to that, we held this team lunch. Actually,we thought of eating at Banana Leaf but for some reasons, we ended up eating at Casa Verde which we didn't regret anyway.

Our "chikas" and laughter was interrupted when we learned that Loreto had already submitted his resignation. Without us knowing, his last night shift was last Sunday and though it maybe a sad thing that we will not be having him anymore in the future team lunch or any meal, we are happy because he is now moving into his greener pasture. He is actually going abroad but will be staying in the country first for his short term studies. Well, farewell and congrats Loreto!   One good vibe was that he never let that event pass by, he made it to our team lunch without being late! Lol

Anyway, Casa Verde's specialty is the Baby Back Ribs also known as Brian's Baby Back Ribs. The serving was too much for me, if you are just an average eater like me, most women do, the serving is too much for sure. I was not able to finish it up but decided not to take it out then, most of my colleagues went out with the packed lunch. Now it is not just yummy and tender! It is also affordable, you can share it also if you want for Php 198.

Another specialty at Casa Verde is the Big Bang Giant Burger! Big bang because it's a very huge burger which is nine inches round, just like of a pizza and it can be shared by four to six people. We ordered two and I didn't eat even one because I was too full to take it down. Now I heard that Casa Verde only serves five Big Bang Burger in a day, so if your planning to eat one today, you need to go there early. I am not sure though if that is right but in case you want to eat, just make sure you come there or maybe place a reservation early. One serving is Php 350, it comes with some fries as well. And for the drinks, we had bottomless iced tea for only Php 65.

There were hundreds of photos taken at that time, I had just selected some here. Enjoy the slide show!!!

James at Casa Verdejon and kimpearly at casa verdepearl and rosearielstill hungry guys?me and ariel with the big bang giant burgerit's loreto!!jon at casa verdeerichello kim!jen, pearl and roselovely ladiesjido and his wife to bepapa joe, out team lead and agnescito and cath!two more slicesbefore going homeTeam papa joe

James and I didn't go home right away, we took some shots at the Ayala Terraces first.

james and i at casa verde in ayalame at ayala terracesjames and i at ayala terracesanother shotayala terraces in cebu cityme at ayala terraces background here is the water fountainme againayala terraces

After that I went to Juvel's Salon for a pedicure! From black to shimmering purple this time!

burp and wink,

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