Wimax Gets Back With A New Face

For months, I have been unsatisfied with Globe Wimax' connection, downloading of even a single movie takes two or more days which is worse than my Smartbro connection. I was just being patient about it until the other day, June 21, 2011 when I woke up at five in the afternoon and the modem was not emitting light on the LED signals. I had experienced getting a blinking signal light before but that was different, even a signal blink was not showing at all. I tried troubleshooting it; power cycle didn't help, unplug and plugging the cables back but still no avail. I just went back to sleep hopeful that the connection would come back later the day. But when I woke up at ten in the evening, there was still no sign of any light from the LED. I was starting to be impatient. I said to myself to wait for 24 hours although I am already thinking that the problem is definitely about the  modem!  My router's no use at all at this point in time as well. So I went to work and when I came back home, there was still no progress! 

I called Globe via 211, (in all fairness, I was just on hold for I guess three minutes) and get hold of a representative named "the name I can't remember", I really can't remember his name. He didn't troubleshoot the issue anymore; instead he gave me a ticket/reference/case number. He said he had generated a report about the issue and the technicians will contact me the next day to check on the problem, I said ok.

So the next day, two globe technicians did contact me on my new globe number, I was forced to buy one so I can just call globe's customer service. They arrived past three in the afternoon. The primary technician tried checking the modem, the other one was just a sidekick, and I guess he was an apprentice. All three modems they brought along failed (the modems looked like used ones because of the tampered tapes but I didn't bother asking about it anymore) and after thirty minutes of troubleshooting, refreshing of the network connection and reconnecting the cables, the technician surrendered and said they will come back tomorrow with matching promises that this should be fixed. Before going out, the technician begged me not to tell the Manila customer service about the unresolved issue. Instead, he asked me to tell them  that I rescheduled the repair procedure, the manila head quarters  will be calling in to check if the case has been resolve actually. I just agreed to do it because he looked like a good man, aside from that I was more focused on recovering my internet connection.

At 12 noon the today, the technicians came and brought with them a brand new modem. It was totally different from what I already had, it is slimmer and I liked it because the antenna cable that goes to the modem is a bigger one. 

The one from before was kind of loose to the modem and this new one fitted nicely to the port. It was just a five minute process and the internet connection was revived! So thankful and happy that it is back now! The technician said the connection is only 512kbps since they had just restored it; it needs 24 hours to get to the 1mbps connection. We will see that tomorrow then.

Well, thanks to the two technicians and thanks to Globe. I just wish I can have a faster connection compared to before though.

Are you a globe Wimax user as well? How is your subscription?


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  • the only thing i can comment is that they deliver their billings very late.. sometimes last year.. it took more than 2 months before i receive my bills.. at this moment also i havent receive my bill for the the december 11 2011-january 11, 2012 billing period and its already february 10, 2012.. even without my bill i made my payment last week coz i dont want to pay 2 bills at a time..
    so pls deliver my bills with in the time needed..

    from montevista, comval province

  • hello anon! on my experience, I had no problems with regards to their billing, I had enrolled on their paperless billing so I would receive their emails every month without issues, even before when I was still on their traditional billing, I've been receiving them too.

    I would suggest you would enroll on their paperless billing too! check my post about it:

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