Cebu To Bohol Via Getafe

Had a funny experience last Friday going to Bohol, it was my first time going to bohol via Getafe. Now just for your information, Getafe is a town after Talibon and is just a 45 minute travel from Cebu via a fastcraft.

Getafe Bohol
Here's the story, I logged out of work at seven morning last Friday, went to Jollibee with Jsames for breakfast and rode a cab to Cebu City's port number three. It was already eight when we reached the ticket booth for Starcraft bound for Tubigon. Was a bit frustrated and disappointed because I missed the 8:30 schedule, said it is already fully booked. Since I can't do anything about it, I went ahead to the waiting area and patiently waited for 10:30 boat. While sitting alone (James went back immediately due to a stomach ache) a woman of her forties spoke to me about the travel schedules. She had just exchanged her ticket from via Tubigon to via Jetafe because the latter departs earlier and she was like inviting me to do the same. I talked to her for awhile out of courtesy until I realized that Getafe is actually after Talibon and Talibon is just a few hours to Ubay and that means it's nearer my town. 

I jumped off my seat and went on asking how I could possibly change my tickets too. Good thing the Getafe craft don't have that much passengers and the person in charge allowed me to just get into the boat without changing tickets. Happy me!!!

Now the surprise didn't end there actually because when the fast craft started sailing it's butt off, it had also played the avengers movie. Yeah I know it's not yet on DVD but you know how pirates work right? So though the copy doesn't have a 10/10 quality as well as its audio, I was still keenly watching it. I love to see the actions you know. Unfortunately, we reached Getafe at ten so that was an hour of travelling and I didn't finish the movie which was a bummer. I swear I would get a copy of that movie with subs in the future.

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