Final Splash Before Summer '12 Ends at Cordova Home Village

A whole week being exhausted with work, over pressured with stats and metrics and too tired of taking calls made me dream of staying up in a resort with a glass of mango shake at hand, enjoying the beautiful view of the whole place with James and friends around.

Since I started working for specific account, I had been having nightmares of me taking calls even during the day, of customers who are always irate and demanding. I so miss my old account though but I know I need to move on. And so just a few days before summer 2012 ends, me and my coleague friends came to this magnificient resort in Cordova, Lapulapu City named Cordova Home Village to relax and free our minds from work stress.
It is one of a kind resort because compared to all the other resorts I visited so far in Cebu, it has the most serene and lovely atmosphere. The pool waters is clean and inviting, the grounds saw no spot of any trash, just dry leaves spread on it's soil, slides long enough for a child to take on and cheap cottages affordable for the a set of friends.

The only bad side I guess is that it is very far from the Cebu city proper. But I bet everyone who had gone there would never regret visiting the area, instead would surely love to come back again just like two of my friends who has visited it three times in a month!

Aside from the great amenities, they also have a taste of nature in there. They have a lot of fishes on two of their ponds, aside from that they have four huge turtles and huge animal figures too, birds and dogs as well. What's very cool about those animal figures is that you can take a ride on them. While some resorts would only place figures for viewing only, CHV placed them for their guests to take a ride on them too! In fact, they placed steps on them so one can easily take a ride. They have trees and plants all with their corresponding names posted on them which I found really good so that people can recognize them easily.

these are just a few of them, there were still a lot more like animals and other cartoon characters, your children will definitely go gaga over them!
I should say it is good for the whole family and that your children will surely the place. There are cartoon character statues too, examples are Spongebob, Bugs Bunny and my favorite Patrick Star. Those are just a few, there were still lots of them and that you would be too tired taking all of their pictures. It is also a good place for the barkada since they have two billiard tables. We even played for a couple of rounds, each game costs Php 20.
we even had time to take some rounds...
awesome, i am not on the photo...phfft!
One can also stay on one of the rooms in the place, it is so called Cordova Home Village because of the village sorrounding the vicinity, the pool area is the heart of the resort actually. There were number of foreigners chilling at the resort, lounging on those beach beds halfly water emerged in poolside, sippin' their drinks in the seats also emersed in the waters. It was very cool that you would love to stay there all the rest of your life.
the village houses, overnight stay price ranges from Php 2000 to 4000
Entrance fee is at Php 100, Php 50 for kids 11-12 years old and Php 30 for kids 5-10 years old. Cottages range from Php 100-150 for three hours, additional Php 50 on the succeeding hours, tents are good for Php 100 open time. They are open daily from seven in the morning to eleven in the evening. 

We went home at seven so I still had a minute to take a photo of the aerial view of the place, not really aerial but sort of since I was on top where the slides are. Beautiful place and I was amazed, the guests just kept on increasing as the night came.

For more info:
Sitio Datag Cansubing Cordova Mactan Island Philippines
Telephone: PLDT NUMBERS (6332)514-9731 & (6332)267-0991

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