Forty Five Months

If there’s one thing that never gets missed in every occasion, then that is FOOD! 

And since last Wednesday, May 24, 2012, James and I celebrated our three years and nine months relationship, we took time over cooking and eating all by ourselves. This is not an anniversary celebration; this is just how we do appreciate every month of love. Though we both have works that day, we made sure we can give each other time to celebrate true love.

We had set it to be during lunch and we set for just one single recipe, Chicken adobo, my favorite. I am a loser when it comes to cooking yet a winner at eating but so glad James is on my back to get the cooking part. Teehee.

And since I can’t do the cooking, I then bought the ingredients myself and here’s how they were when mixed.

Before <3 <3 <3
The finish product... I love his cooking...
Aside from that, a cake won’t go missed as well for this special day! 
Goldilock's Dulce De Leche Half Roll good for just the two of us.

We had food to fill up our stomach, laughter to weaken up those cheeks and love to complete our whole being. 

Forty five months and counting. 

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