I Attended GNHS Alumni Homecoming

GNHS Alumni Homecoming
The 2012 Guinacot National High School Alumni Homecoming was indeed a success! It was a three day event which started with a grand motorcade last May 4, 2012. Since I was still on my way from Cebu via Getafe, I was not able to catch up with the motorcade however, I got to see my batch mates later the afternoon.

Though we were only a few, it didn't stop us from having fun, catching up with each lives and of course reminiscing our high school life. It was indeed an event worth spending and I wished all the others were able to get to join the reunion as well but I understand they have their own reasons why they were unable to join the event, anyway there will still be next times.
GNHS alumni Homecoming
Class 2005 with our first year teachers... check out our tarpaulin :)

We spent the next day at the beach, actually we changed our itinerary from joining the King and Queen coronation night instead, we went ahead to the beach and had our night beach party. Prior to the beach party, we spent all Saturday afternoon at one of our classmate's house for the preparation of the said party. We roasted a whole pig called "Lechon" and cooked other viands for the event. We laughed our hearts out roasting it which took five hours! It was tiring but everyone still had enough energy for the whole night.
GNHS Alumni Homecoming
Everyone smiling at the beach!
After the beach party, we went home with our own mini version of the motorcade. I felt like I was able to join the grand motorcade too!
GNHS Alumni Homecoming
With the great lechon :)

I love events like this, have you join any homecoming too?

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