Me Hearts Korean Drama: Spellbound

It has been ages since I last watched a Korean movie and I am so glad I got to watch one last weekend. I downloaded this movie I saw on one of my Facebook friends’ wall post entitled “Spellbound”, a romantic horror movie with a blend of comedy. I am not really a fan of horror movies because whenever I watch one, I can’t help but shout at scary scenes, James became annoyed with my ear aching scream and wouldn't watch anything scary with me. But since this film has a blend of comedy and romance, I had the guts to get my eyes on it.

The story is all about a girl named Yu-Ri who had been hunted by ghosts since high school after surviving a terrible accident where her best friend died. Her family left her and her friends turns their backs from her, since then she has been living alone and lonely until she met a street magician called Yo-Goo.  Yo-Goo noticed her while performing because she never smiled the entire show; he followed her and was mystified by her presence. He then thought of an idea while following Yu-Ri, he asked her to be a part of that idea which hit the market and soon, Yo-Goo became famous of his terrific show where he will drive out a ghost from a closet, the ghost points her killer and chooses one of the audience who will be taken inside the closet afterwards as a part of their magic trick. 

Yu-Ri performs as the ghost in the show and it has been years since they tried convincing her to join them for dinner but she kept on refusing until that point where Yo-Goo insisted and Yu-Ri had no other choice but to join them. She became drunk after dinner and for some reasons ripped off Yo-Goo’s shirt. Because of the incident, Yu-Ri called Yo-Goo to ask for apology but during their conversation, Yu-Ri screamed because she saw her dead friend over the window. Yo-Goo was very worried that he went to Yu-Ri’s house to check how she was doing when he himself saw a ghost boy outside Yu-Ri’s house. This boy followed him at his house and from then on, he has been seeing ghosts too and learned how Yu-Ri’s life story.

Time came when both of them fell in love with each other but then accidents came upon Yo-Goo and that Yu-Ri can’t bear the thought of these accidents just because of her. She decided to go abroad and follow her family in Norway. Though Y-Goo begged her not to go, she insisted and flew but while they were in the mid air, a storm came and the plane went back and made them come back to their arms as well. Yu-Ri is still seeing ghosts yet she is not alone anymore, Yo-Goo from then is there by her side to be her magical hero.

The story was more of a comedy for me because thought there were scary scenes, the funny moments were dominating. I think the horror side of the movie was effective as well; there were a lot of times that I covered my face when I felt like the scene is scary. I found Yo-Goo funny though and yet I thought his makeup suits him during those magician scenes. Though they don’t look good together that much, they had acted accordingly to their roles.
The movie was an 8 of 10 for me. It was scary but it made me laugh and feel in love.I am a Korean-film lover!!!

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