We're Three Years Now

Officially, I had just spent three long years in call center last May 11, 2012. Oh I can’t believe I am still in this work field and I guess I am staying. But this post is not just about my experience but about my wave-mate’s whole three-year experience as well. The previous year, we came up with a lunch date at Pino Restaurant while this time, we decided for dinner at Ding Qua Qua in JY Square Lahug.

Unlike before, only a few of the original wave 60 team showed up, made me think the others are now busy with their lives but overall it was still fun. Daryl, Mercy, Ate Dyreen, Reggy, TL Michelle along with Tittah came though Tittah was not really a part of our team, he was invited by Daryl and I tagged James too! As usual, we started the whole night with eating at six then laughing and waiting for the others. I was super glad Ate Dyreen came, she looks young as usual and I just learned she is just working at home now. We were kidding her to get a baby as soon as possible so she could get a company at home, she just laughed.

Mercy is still the same happy-go-lucky lad, she has this pure, innocent laugh and you’ll get amazed by how fast she talks. I appreciated her time attending the date even though she has a duty at nine. I had a great time catching up with her, I guess the last time we met was the previous lunch date too with the team. I also learned from her that she is now living alone, she was under her aunt’s roof the last time and I am glad she is now living independently, soo love this gal.

I am also happy about Daryl’s enthusiasm on this event, was thinking not to come a week ago but because of his encouraging power, I made it with James. And he brought mangoes with him which tasted really really good that after five minutes, container’s already empty! Good thing the people inside didn’t ask for a corkage fee.

TL Michelle was able to get to the date too! I had been seeing her recently after the migration from HP-Palm to ATT Uverse account and she’s my team lead too in the nesting period. And same goes with Tittah, he is currently part of the quality team in the same account.

Reggy was actually late because of their basketball league but better late than never, good thing Mercy was able to see him before leaving. We had been teaming them up since training times and they are both cool to act funny in front of us. Last year they had cute photos together and that was never missed this year too!
We missed the others, Aya, Kyle, Tanya, Van, Loreto, Lei, Mark, John, Kim, Voj, Marfa and Jeansen. Hope to see you guys in 2013.

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