Barili's Hot Bibingka

On our way to Sayaw Beach, Barili at the boundary of Barili and Carcar lays a long line of local Bibingka vendors. Bibingka is a Filipino delicacy, made of rice flour mixed with sugar and coconut milk. Way back during my childhood years every summer where the fields are dry and is harvest time, I could still remember myself together with my fellow children picking up those rice plants dropped by the farmers during harvest. We can pick up most of the time a bagful and we automatically go to my aunt who makes tasty bibingka and exchange the bagful rice with some bibingkas. The rate would depend on friendship, teehee since I am her niece, she would always give two or three more than the other kids.

I love eating a freshly baked Bibingka but I also like the uncooked one, the white liquid type uncooked bibingka mixture. I have been told not to take those because it causes diarrhea but I never mind just as long as my taste buds are satisfied. The rice flour combined with water, sugar and baking soda was cloud nine to my little taste buds but I finally stopped by the time I got admitted due to diarrhea.
All of these thoughts came by me when I saw the line of vendors in Barili, a woman of forties was busy packing her newly cooked bibingkas. These are small ones and are Php20 per pack, four small bibingkas in a pack. What made me curious once more was the medium they used in cooking them. It was not the same as the old way where in the mixtures were placed in the steel containers with banana leaves and were eventually placed inside the clay made oven, locally called "hudno". On top of the hudno were woods on fire to heat up the clay oven, they say this makes the bibingkas even more tasteful. Here it was more of an upgraded type because instead of clay oven, they were using plain galvanized iron.
The containers,
Smoking hot here!
After buying our Bibingkas, we then continue with our ride to Sayaw Beach then later went to Mantayupan falls, had a side trip to the Molave Milk Station and eventually stayed at the Ramos House in Carcar.

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