Jesil + Bambie Nuptial

Originally planned as a garden wedding, it could have been much prettier outside where the nature can as well witness the union of Jesil and Bambie. My cousin Jesil resides in Laguna where he is a Pastor and is a part of the World of Life Ministry. Their love story was stated with their invitation letter; I was unaware of their story until Bambie (I don't know if I have to call her ate since she is older than me) shared it to me personally that day when we had a double date in Lantaw Floating Restaurant.

Vintage Country - was their wedding theme, the invitation has the needed information in terms of the dress code. On the actual day, the entourage specifically the bride's maids and groom's men were all bubbly-looking with their dresses and get ups  The girls wore a vintage flowery whole dress while gripping a bouquet of fresh flowers. The guys' getup reminds me of the movie "The Notebook", remember Noah when he was still a teenager and had that cute hat on him with a khaki pants on, a checkered polo shirt and a rusty jumpers. And the girls were like Ally with their floral dress on with a flower head dress, the best part of them was actually their smiles, all of the girls were pretty!
A big smile, Jesil was wearing a big smile when he finally saw his bride walk down the aisle with her three brothers holding her; she lost her parents when she was still a child back then and so her brothers were there instead. She was very lovely with her gown, a pure white tube gown and her bouquet of flowers in hand. Her face was covered with her satin veil and slowly she walked towards him. Her face though covered with the cloth was still visible, smiling while staring at her groom.
Those friends who had known how their story went were all happy for the two of them as their story proves that true love did exists and that if one is patient enough, God will surely write the best love story for you. I had seen the happiness in their eyes while they utter their words of love to each other, Jesil was sort of kidding when he took his notes out, making the witnesses burst in laughter while everyone seemed to be teary-eyed when Bambie said her personal dedication and promise of love to Jesil.

Same Filipino tradition was exercised during the wedding, giving of coins to the bride as a sign of submission, pinning of the veil and the chord which was a sign of infinity, what God has joined together, man should not separate and of course the lighting of the candle.
It was the only private, solemn, holy and relaxing wedding I have ever attended. The people were all calm, everyone who came were close to the couple's heart and so that I believe made it more special. And I am positive that their God-centered love had made that day the best time of their lives and I am just blessed to be one of the witnesses of their union.

All of us starting cheering and teasing the new couple when the ministering pastor told Jesil he may now kiss his bride, funny because I was in front trying to take a photo of their first kiss yet I failed. It was very quick, like a flash.
Unique - I can truly say that this wedding was unique in a special way because after the ceremony, we were all given pop corns and some coolers. Booths were also available, one for taking some wacky photos, another corner for native inspired studio, the area for the souvenirs where we wrote our names on a colored tag and hanged it at a corner and another area for the presents as well as the couple’s journey as missionaries.

My favorite part was the ending one, when we were about to send them off to their honeymoon because while they were walking down the aisle, all the witnesses were blowing bubbles toward them, like those in the movies.
I just learned that they went off to Tagaytay that night then on the next day they were out to Palawan! Before they went to Cebu where we had our double date at Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant and then they went to Cagayan and Bukidnon, back to their homes. Jesil’s love and patience had paved their way to their beautiful love story.

I want to end this post with this quote: “True love comes to those who are willing to wait!”

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