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Simply thinking about taking blood out of me freaks me big time and so even I had taken multiple Annual Physical Exams, I would always forget requesting for my blood type each time the company nurse do a blood count. I never thought knowing my blood type is necessary and I had no plans of knowing it either, however my friends and colleagues often send emails about their relatives in need of blood of this type and this would actually make me wonder what my blood type is.

Fortunately, Sykesasia with the cooperation of 360 pharmacy and Primecare had a three-day Health Awareness festival and it includes blood typing, blood, bone and cholesterol screening and a lot more plus they have some mini-pharmacy booths which sells medicinal drugs.

I then got the chance to finally learn what type of blood do I have. I was again skeptical if I will do that then when I was at the site staring at the nurse, she was holding her syringe, no! I was just hallucinating. She was just holding a pen. My colleagues Darwin Legara and Richel Roca pushed me to the blood typing table and so I was forced and faced the nurses.

"Wala pa di ay ka kabalo sa imong blood type maam?" "You still don't know what your blood type is?" was the nurse's first and only question. I just nodded since it was pretty obvious why I was there. She took a cotton ball with some medicinal alcohol and rub it gently upon my right ring finger. She uncapped a small blue thing which I never thought was used for pricking. I was surprised when she just pricked me without letting me know. Soon blood started coming out, I realized it was not that painful, and then she took a round slim, pen-like tube thing and placed it in front of where my blood was, the first tube was filled with my ruby-colored blood. She took another tube and started pressing my finger to push the blood out. Contented with the amount of blood, she then took three test tubes and placed three different unknown liquids in them and a couple drops of my blood as well. Soon she started shaking it for half minute then staring it with hands placed on top of her eyes then shaking the three tubes together again until she consulted her co-nurse about her judgment and they both agreed. I am type O+.

The next time my colleagues would ask for a blood type O+, I'll get some of my excess blood out! 

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