Ramon Resthouse Carcar City

Carcar City is an hour away from Cebu City and is well known of making quality shoes. James and I bought our first espadrilles in this city last year, we still have those pairs. When we returned to Carcar, it was not for their espadrilles but for our Team Building in Ramon Rest house.

We came from Barili and from the highway roads, we turned right at an intersection, it took us five to ten minutes to reach the beach front area where the rest house is located. It was an ordinary house of a well-known family, the Ramos but is now used as their rest house since the owners are now living outside the country. The house is now maintained but I say otherwise by a caretaker, I never mind asking for his name because he was some kind of aggressive.

The room given to us was very small; though we rented the whole area for Php 5000, only one room was opened. Reason was that the other rooms were not prepared and cleaned. It was an unacceptable alibi for me but we just consider it since the boys were all intoxicated and just stayed outside in the karaoke area. I can't appreciate the pool that much, it was an undersized one, I would say it is just good for a family and not for a team. It goes from three feet to six feet deep and of four by six meters wide.
At the frontage was a long and wide shore, was excited to go down but was disenchanted when I saw a lot of plastic trash and waste in the rock-strewn part of the shore, unremittingly, I went to the distant coast and I didn't like the type of seashore I was stepping on, it resembles the Mantayupan floors, muddy and slimy, we need to walk carefully as the shore was slippery. The Carcar boats lying on the shore were placed on their corresponding pedestals so it can still stay put during high tides.
After exploring the shoreline, we went back and just enjoyed the pool instead. Afterwards I got to explore the rooms and what the house offers but I soon found out the comfort room doors were all broken. I was quiet uncertain to change clothes at their bathrooms, afraid that at anytime soon the doors may be opened. The room has two double decked beds, small ones actually and that James and I need to share it since there were no more beds available. We slept with our backs facing each other, I was again afraid James might fall on the lower deck.

In the morning, I found an enormous tank but it saddened me that there were no fishes inside it. A dead hermit crab was floating within and the caretaker told me the water inside it has chlorine which killed the crab. The previous guests caught the crab from the sea shore and placed it inside, without their knowledge that the water was poisoned for cleaning. It was a five by three by five feet tank and that it was hard to take the crab out. Poor crab!

Maybe the only good thing about the place was the karaoke system, they have a quality speaker box, microphones were in good condition and the television was quiet nice. 

I wouldn't recommend it to my friends and definitely won't go back there because it was not well maintained and yet the price doesn't actually justify the quality of service we had  
received, both facilities and customer service.

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