Off To El Salvador

My September was so far the month with the most number of get-away and travels for this year. On its first week, I got to travel by plane to Manila, then the third week we went to Carmen for Mt. Uragay Spring and yesterday, before September ended, James and I went to El Salvador in Sabang, Danao City!

Thanks to my new team, I got to join another team building activity without spending much even if I wasn't included on their team budget. I had paid Php 100 only for two meals that day. I tagged James along so we could bring Mia as well.

Entrance fee was good for Php175 per person, it was quiet expensive for me but I soon realized that the price was justifiable to what it offers to their guests. We arrived at nine in the morning, had our brunch. Then the children went on swimming at the pool. Most of my team mates have families on their own and kids too so the resort was good for them. The pools were indeed inviting and I was just about to change for swimwear when I noticed something, I can't say it here but it ruined my day because I won't be able to take a plunge anymore. Too bad for me but James on the other hand went on and enjoyed the waters.

The resort has two pools, one for adults and another for children. The adult pool runs from four to nine feet while the children's were two feet to four I guess. At the same time, the kiddie pool also has a Jacuzzi. It was nice and indeed relaxing! I got my feet down the circular Jacuzzi tub while sitting on the edges, though the temperature was not too warm; it was all good enough for the children and adults as well.

Near the kiddie pool lies a children playground too where little kids can enjoy. One of my team mates brought his five month old baby named Usher with him and he let him sleep in the swing/duyan in the playground. There was nobody in there because the children were all enjoying the pool.
Other than the pool, the resort has a front beach too yet it was just an ordinary beach, we couldn't appreciate it though it was already good for those who live in the city. Stairs come from the resort and without a shore; you can immediately reach the salt water. It doesn't have much sand on it so you need to get on your slippers if you have plans of swimming there.

If you are an adventurous type of person, the resort also offers kayaking. Good for Php 100 for 30 minutes for the one seater kayak, Php 150 for the two seater one and Php 200 for the two seater Pedal boat, one can enjoy paddling from the seaside up to where you would like to go but you need to be careful not to go beyond where the life guards can see you. Speaking of life guards, they were kinda cool because they were in their uniform suits like those of the scuba divers.
If you like to relax and take a nap, there are cottages with given sleeping boards but not that too many. We rented a cottage too but it was the nipa cottage one good for Php 495 for the whole day use. It was funny that the nipa roof was too short that a couple times our heads would bang onto it. We were laughing about it because one of us kid about the designer of the cottages. He somehow had imagined that the designer could be a hobbit. Meanwhile near the nipa hut cottage lays the comfort room or the powder room which for me was beautiful. It was natively designed with the entrance mainly covered with circular type of native materials made into a curtain. Inside stands a huge glass wall yet the area where the faucet is doesn’t have its walls.

El Salvador Beach Resort has more to offer and if you are planning of getting away from the city without going too far from it, then take note of this information below:

For the entrance fee, which will give you free use of swimming pool and beach given that you have your own proper swimming attire it’s worth Php 150 on Mondays to Fridays while Php 175 on weekends. Children four to ten years old pay Php 125 on weekdays and Php 150 only on weekends and those children three years old and below are free of charge.

Facilities in the resort ranges from adult swimming pool with waterfalls, kiddie pool with Jacuzzi, Elsa Spa and Fitness Gym, Buddy’s KTV, Internet/WIFI in some areas, Coco Restaurant, Children’s Playground, Aircon Function room, 24 hour standby generator and 24 hour security. Also be reminded that there’s a corkage fee for drinks, Php 200 per case of soft drinks and Php 400 per case of beer.

For more information, email them at or call them at 2004494, 2003622 and 5162252 or visit their website at for more information.

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