Me Hearts Korean Drama : BIG

I recently finished another Korean drama series titled “BIG”; it was a story about a high school male student named Kang Gyung Joon whose soul entered a man’s body, Seo Yoon Jae during an accident. Seo Yoon Jae was about to be married with Gil Da Ran yet Da Ran was doubtful with his feelings for her, he was about to tell her about his true feelings but the accident occurred. Only Gil Da Ran knew about the switching of the souls, KKJ pretended to be her fiancée while Seo Yoon Jae was sleeping in KKJ’s body. Because of the story’s complication, both Da Ran and KKJ acted to be lovers and soon got married until KKJ felt in love with her and she fell within his love too!

I had great expectations to this series knowing that the main character was portrayed by Gong Yoo of the famous Coffee Prince which has a Filipino version now aired by GMA. The first episodes were nice I admit it, Gong Yoo had shown her own charisma and he had definitely changed. From Coffee Prince, he has a more manly body now, my friend Camille who had recommended the series describe him, the man with chocolate abs. His face is now much skinny compared to before yet his eyes still stayed the same. The internet said he had gone to the Korean army and this series was his return drama.

The leading lady was new to me; I guess that was my first time to her in the screen. She’s beautiful but I think her hair didn’t suit her. She had short blonde hair and with her bangs. She was funny at some point but she was not a great actress. She could cry easily yet I don’t know if it was just me or she was just acting childish.

Gang Ma Ri was KKJ’s ex-girlfriend whom was still very attached to him to the point where she had gone to Korean from the US. Her character was possessive and demanding at the same time cute. I like her headdresses and outfits, they all suit her. Because of her cuteness, she earned a suitor Chong Shik, Da Ran’s little brother who had been her help when she was doing some errands for KKJ. She soon learned that KKJ is within Seo Yoon Jae s body and tried the best to sway KKJ’s heart and attention away from Da Ran. At the end, she was not able to stop the two to separate.

I kept on watching the series because I was looking for the highlight of the story, something which I won’t be able to forget and something which I would end up dreaming with me on the dream with him yet I was disappointed with how the story went and how it ended. I felt sorry after watching it but since it was Gong Yoo, I didn’t mind and I am again up to the next Korean drama.

I rated it 5 of 10.

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  • Wow! nahuman jud nimo? naungot kos episode 12 og wa nako kapadayon ke pwerteng busyha nako. huhuhu! balikon ko na if i have the free time na. whew.

  • I agree with you, the ending was so disappointing. T_T But I like the story. Because of this drama, I become a fan of Gong Yoo and I'm planning to watch Coffee Prince. :)

    By the way, my friend said that the leading woman appeared in Boys Over Flowers. She was the "monkey girl" who got engaged to Jun Pyoo. :)

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