What To Do in Basdaku Beach Moalboal?

Swimming under the heat of the sun is the number one thing to do when we talk about the beach. But Basdaku Beach in Moalboal has more to offer than just merely swimming. Let me enumerate the things you can do and enjoy at the beach.

1. Sand Bury - there's a mystery behind the underneath grounds where the first layer of the earth's crust. No exact explanation in this type of therapy though but I myself had witness how my little brother's childhood sickness where he can't walk had healed. Basdaku beach is indeed gifted with lots of sands and so while other beaches can't give you this luxury; do bury your bodies under the off white sands. Aside from the positive impact, you'll enjoy playing in the sands!

2. Snorkeling - believe or not it was my first time to do snorkeling where I got to see lots of beautiful and unique under water creatures. I had been to Ocean Park where I got to see them personally yet it is much wonderful if you got to swim with them underneath, it felt like I was part of the sea like Arial in the Little Mermaid movie. If you forgot to bring your snorkeling gears just like us, do not worry, snorkeling gears for rent for Php 100 are available, simply ask the locals.
Suwaki in it's live form
3. Eat Suwaki - Php 100 per container of fresh suwaki (sea urchins) sold by the local vendors of Moalboal. These urchins are still alive and their spines are all moving, the vendor said they harvested them at the neighboring shore, it was low tide and the urchins can easily be found. But don't be fooled with the number of live sea urchins because out of the one whole container, only a small part of the inside can be eaten.
the only edible part :)
4. Play Frisbee or Volleyball - Just choose either Frisbee or volleyball, because of the long shore any group sports will be a great way of enjoying the perfect heat of the sand as well as the breeze of sea air. Sweat out while on your two piece bikinis and or board shorts because you'll definitely love to plunge on the cold waters after the game. And of course you won't enjoy it if you don't have your friends with you so don't forget to tag them along.

5. Take a Jump shot or a Pyramid picture - nothing beats with a perfect jump shot picture as a token or shall we say a proof that you had visited this beach. However, a jump shot is just a little thing, how about including the rest of the gang by a whole three layer pyramid? Why not right?

6. Visit Pescador - if you like a much more adventurous experience, you can see for yourself the hammer sharks in Pescador Island. Talk to any locals for the island hopping and scuba diving package.

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