Get Your NSO Birth Certificate In Just A Day!!!

Are you from Cebu and is in need of your NSO Authenticated birth certificate? If you are, then just follow through the steps below to get one personally at the office. Before, securing this document takes a lot of time and effort but today, you will instantly get the certificate in at least three hours if there are no problems with the document. Or if you don't have the time to go to the office, you can apply online just visit

If you want to get your Birth certificate personally, then follow these steps:

First step, before you go to the office, make sure you have your  identification cards with you.

NSO Office in MJ Cuenco Avenue

If you are not the owner of the certificate, you will need to bring a copy of the owner's valid ID and an authorization letter signed by the owner of the certificate.

Second, you need to secure a form in the front desk and fill it up. A long table outside the office is available for you to write on, but most of the time, the table is full so to be prepared, just bring a folder or something sturdy, which you can write on comfortably.

table has been filled up already, no space for more writers!

Third, after filling up the form, get a priority number and wait for your turn to pay at the counter. There are benches/seats inside

the office but also full most of the time. A LED screen will show the number order, you'll have to pay attention to it because it increases instantly.
told yah to be extra attentive with the number! Lol...

For Birth certificates, you'll have to pay Php 140 only but for CENOMAR, you will pay Php 195.

Fourth, releasing of the certificates. After paying to the counter, you will wait two hours for the certificate.

those are the releasing/claiming windows
If you can't wait for two hours, you can just come back later or in some other time and present the receipt at the releasing/claim window. Just like what James did last week. We went there to get his brother's birth certificate as a school requirement, he just went back last Monday to get the certificate, obviously, and the new process is quite faster now.

we're done here!!!
Looking back...

When we were in college, I had no problem getting my own because my brother had secured it already, James on the other hand had to get his own personally. That time, the NSO office was temporarily closed so he opted to apply online. It was a three-day process, which was delivered via Air21. He paid Php 300 at the BDO bank office. It' was indeed a stress-free process but it took three working days for him to receive the certificate.

Anyway, it's your own discretion, either you get one personally within a day or apply online and wait for it in three days.

More info:

Here's Cebu-NSO's actual address and some other information, this might help you:

450-542 JIF Building
MJ Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City 6000
Tel.: (032) 256-05-91 / 256-05-92
Fax: (032) 253-94-94

Good luck!!!


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