Jamming at Love Jam Concert With God-loving Young People

It a breath of fresh air and joy-filling to attend an event composed of all young people, this is quite different to the Kerygma one which James and I attended last December. I just had experienced one last night at the Love Jam Concert, thanks to Kenneth Torres for inviting us. This was a free admission concert held at the Praise Cathedral Limkakeng Compound, Mango Avenue. The event started at exactly seven in the evening, James and I were kinda late for about fifteen minutes but it's better to be late than never. Lol.

Anyway when we arrived, the performers were already singing praising songs. If you haven't known yet, that was actually a Christian Concert all conducted by Young People dedicated to work for Jesus, they call themselves Campus Cruisers. We then figured out that most if not all were college students from different campuses in Cebu. At the start of the event, every school was recognized. We were a bit out of place because as for James and I, both of us were already working. But that actually was not important at all, the said event was all for the glory of God.

The concert went on, I noticed that most of their songs were unfamiliar but are really striking. There was this song which was a rap style and the lyrics was all about the definition of Love. Too bad, I was unable to take a video of it. But it was such a beautiful rap song, I will surely ask Kenzi for its title.

That was also our first time to watch Kenneth perform live. He was part of the F4 who sang on stage. I call them F4 just because they were four all boy members. Check out their video here:

Arcel was also present at the concert, she did not perform but she had a great role I believe, she did the video taking part. Documentation is a very important matter on an event, IMHO. We haven't met for almost two years, I can say that she haven't change a lot, she's still skinny, I feel like a pig when I saw her. Hehe but anyway, she was still as beautiful and charming as always.

Here are some of the videos during the concert:

The most important thing about the concert was the restoration session with the lady who spoke and shared the love of God to the young ones during the event. It was presented with a video, a clip which I first saw in YouTube, a simple video but had really made me cry my heart out. I have seen it for quite a few times but it never fail to make me cry, totally because of the message, it showed how a father sacrificed his son to save those who were inside a train, people who were selfish, hurting, people who has hatred in their hearts, worrying people and most of all addicted ones. I wanna share it to you guys so please watch this video:


It was a perfect enactment on how God Himself showed his true love to us. That He had sacrificed His one and only son to die on the cross and save us, who are sinners, to give us  eternal life.

If there were people at the event who haven't known the true meaning of Love, then I bet from that time on, they had just found its true meaning. That true Love is sacrificial, Love is God and God is Love.

I am looking forward of joining their Vow of Purity Service as well on Sunday. What can I say? This is a living proof that God would always find all ways of getting His children back into His loving arms. Thank you Father!!!


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