How To Change Incorrect Middle Name On Your NSO BC?

This could be late but I think this might be helpful for some of you guys who is also experiencing the same problem about their NSO birth certificate. This has been a common issue with our live birth certificate, some has wrong spellings, incorrect gender or incorrect date of birth.

I never had problems before with my birth certificate until I graduated and went to SSS, Social Security Service to get my own SSS ID number. As part of the requirements, I brought with me my filled up form, NSO authenticated BC and some identification cards as well. The teller then made a quick scan on those documents and stopped when she noticed that the middle name on my NSO BC is Butihan instead of Butihen. She then let me change it on the form and told me that I need to make some move to correct it.

Before, it was a pain in the ass when you want to change something on your 'BC' because you need to get a personal attorney, set a public hearing and spend money, above all time to update it. Thanks to Republic Act No. 9048 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, the municipal registrar is already authorized to correct a clerical error without judicial order. 

So I immediately informed my parents about it, my mom has to do the revision herself since we need to report it on the local municipality where I was registered. When mom went to our local municipal office, she was given a list of requirements needed so to correct my middle name, requirements which will testify that Butihen is the correct one.

Here are some of the documents I passed:

> Baptismal Certificate
> NSO authenticated Birth Certificate (this is the copy with the errors)
> Parents' birth certificates
> Parents' marriage contract
> School Records
> Employment Records

Copies of all these requirements were sent via LBC to NSO Manila office by our municipal registrar officer, Ms. Gran. After a month or so, the new NSO authenticated Birth Certificate was sent back to us with the disclaimer on the right side:

Alright! Next step is to update my SSS record, I haven't set a date yet to process it but hopefully I would be able to do it, I'm gonna make sure to document my experience soon too.


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