23rd Birthday Thank You

Turned twenty-three last January 31, 2011. And just like our Philippine local artists, I would also like to thank the people, whom had been there for me since the start, the few true friends I earned from childhood and the new circle of companies I gained. I want to state every person who has touched my life through out the twenty-two years of my existence and mention those who had greeted me on that special day.

First, thank you to my ever-supportive parents, Architect Narciso Beltran and Mrs. Rebecca Butihen Beltran for taking care and doing a great job in raising me up. I am not a perfect daughter but your love and support is enough to make me who I am today. I love you ma and pa. To my three brothers Steven, Jonas and Jay-R, "salamat"! Manoy, you are a great brother, selfless as you are and ever humble. Kuya, we had petty arguments when we were young but those made our bonds strong. Along, you will always be my little bro, though you had grown up to be bigger than me, on my heart, you are still the same buddy whom I shared showers with and the reason why I had to make two projects, assignments and home works way back in grade school and high school as well. I regret that I let you play around instead of learn to do those stuff but that I was able to do because I love you Lil bro.

I have a lot of friends in high school and I am super thankful I still have them today. A lot of things had happened with each of our lives but the friendship still remained. I am thankful for Facebook, which had been a medium for us to communicate again. Old laughs and corny jokes have been restored which made time rewind itself back to the beautiful grounds of Guinacot High School, it is the sole witness of our "kiat" moments, where first love has blossomed and friendships had grown. To my highschool friends, Khamis, Flor, Irene, Inday Reina, Rhea, VirgE, Riza, Maimai, Mirasol, Nadine, Corazon, Garet, Aidamae, Raniel, Jenny, Amor, alot more and to my best ever loyal gay friend Virgin, sorry for the word but that is the way I call her, I mean him. He want to be called Verge now but I still opt to call him that way, I love you Virgin! Though at times I am rude and may tend to hurt your feelings, you had remained the same; you had supported me in many ways and had been my secret database. You are the best! Hugs and kisses!!!

I also had gained good friends in college, those peers that I share notes with and even exchange exam answers. People I used to team up with during class projects and gals who are very nice to a “probinsiyana” like me. I owe you a lot guys. Special mention to my first friend in Cebu, Michelle Talaboc, I miss you friend, I’ve always wanted to see you, and I would never ever forget how you make me laugh at your best jokes and made me feel good at your company. You never fail to make me laugh. I am so happy to hear from you on my birthday, I miss you a lot and I apologize for not attending your baby's christening, I promise to make up to you in the future. To my college mates and to my WETPAINT family! I love you guys, Tonio dear; your jokes are one of the best as well. I hope that Mr. Right will knock your heart's door soon. To Jufni, you might not know but I really look up to you ever since. Your humbleness and your brilliance are just amazing. Yadz, I miss you! You are thin yet your patience is thick enough. Hehe anyways, you are one of the people who had entrusted me with your secrets and I thank you for the trust. To Mama bear and Papa bear, we had graduated and all that but I will never stop from calling you those because when I do that, I feel the respect that I have in you. You are like a mom and dad to me, wew... truly, promise I can't imagine myself calling you by your names. To Eugene, congrats for having a baby girl. Be honest to your beautiful wife, love your family and take care of your baby! You are blessed you have them as a family now! To the others who had made my college life memorable, Macmac (I really envy your room!), Beautiful Christine, Kenzi, Mark Anthony (you didn't know but you were my once my crush, haha), Rhae, Meryll (I love your height gurl!) and the rest, love you all guys!

When I graduated and landed on the world of call centers, I didn't just get a stable job but I also earned friends who are lovely and funny in a way, who  had been my first reason why I haven't left this job yet. First to Tanya, thanks for the greeting tan! I would always enjoy our chitchat via gmail every time we would have the chance to. Thanks to Daryl, the generous guy, to Reggy, the curious man, Titah Gwapa, Kyle, the vegetarian, Van, business woman, Ate Dyreen, one of the few people whose looks won't tell her/his age. Thanks for remembering my birthday!

I am fortunate enough as well to meet this new set of friends whose mindsets are focused to building our future. To Jeff, thanks a lot for the FB and SMS greeting, thanks for supporting James in his endeavor of building his self-confidence. Thanks to Kath, Domz, Mark and Pau! Thank you guys for greeting me on my day! Sorry walay beer...hehe

I am almost done here! Second to the last is my thank you to the man who has love me and is still loving me today and hopefully would never stop loving me, James Figues. Thanks igat for the cake, I know you aren't sweet, (he admits that) but you made my day memorable. Thanks for loving me and I would always tell you that your patience has been extravagant. You aren't ashamed to cry in front of me if you are badly hurt especially at times when I am rude and I we have fight. You are not afraid to show me what you really feel. I am happy that I am part of your future plans and I want you to know that I love you more than you've ever known.

Above all, I thank the One above my Savior and my Jehovah Jireh. The One who is enough for me. Who knows my very need and who heals me from all the hurts and wounds. Thank you Lord God for giving me these lovely souls to touch my heart and thank you for the eternal life, for counting me to be a part of your chosen generation. You alone are worthy to be praised forever and ever. Thank you for all the blessings and for answering my prayers. I love you my God, my friend, my Savior and my Father! 

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Words aren't enough but thank you!


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2 Comments to “23rd Birthday Thank You”

  • halu j-an.. cheli here.. too late to read.. pero better late than never.. ma touch man sad ta sa thank you nimu.. huhuhu.. how i wish we could see each other though we're now living in totally different world.. hehehe.. basta, even if we don't get to see each other, you'll always be one of my best friends and will always be a part of my wonderful life.. i really wish you the best coz i know you really deserve it.. i always smile whenever i reminisce about our college days.. samot na katong pagSOEP.. hehe.. i know from the start u were worth keeping.. the first time pa lang ta nagkita coz we're late.. hehe.. loves u much j-an.. miss u a lot.. mwaaaaaaaaah.. mwaaaaaaaaaaah..


    u missed my baby's christening, but i hope i won't miss uRs.. hehe.. btaw, how i wish mahimong tikang mare sad..

    tC always..

    God loves us..


    Cheli =) (with a smile..)

  • @cheli: hello cheli! I miss you.. teary eyed kau ko nagbasa sa imong comment. Thanks sa pag visit. I regret jud kay wala ko ka attend sa imong baby's Christening.. but hopefully magkita ta... miss you alot! Lab yah!!!

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