Make Your Own Fonts From Your Handwriting For FREE!!!

I had always been wanting to create my own font but never had the time though to find a way to start it. Every time I search for fonts on the internet and download those cute free ones, I would always think of getting my own handwriting into a font.

Fortunately, I made up my mind and searched for the ways how to. I got discourage since almost all of the ways to do it needs a font maker software which will cost you a couple of dollars. I don't want to pay for anything so I searched for the free ones. I bumped into Chris Pirillo's site and he has a how to create your own font for free entry. so on this one, you can have your own font for a few minutes without manually creating them on those software which the other resources have been mentioning like the font creator and etc.

There are steps on the making so I decided to make mine while documenting it as well here on my blog! Let's go sailin' now...

1. We will need to print the template given on the website. Download it here. This is a pdf file and size A4, recommended for all other countries, US and Canada can download the letter size but it is optional. Here is the link.

I downloaded and printed mine:

2. Complete the template, so this means

we will need to fill out the form with our own handwriting, be careful with this though because we need to write the characters on the designated cells. We will need to use a permanent pen here, glad I have mine here. But you can use any pens that you want just make sure it has even mark.

For my font, I just filled in the first page of the templates.


3. Scan and save template.

My scanned handwriting:
4. Upload the font.
We are almost there, this time we will need to upload the scanned handwriting here.

We will need to name it for copyright purposes, I named mine as junebride's fonts. The uploading process would usually take 1-15 minutes depending on the file size and the internet connection. Mine lasted for two minutes and 40 seconds.

5. Preview. Wow great! I have my fonts now! Amazingly simple and painless!

6. Download, now here is the not so good news here. If you want to use your own font either in the web or on your pc on word processing programs, then you will need to download the font and for that you will need to pay $9.95 to buy it via Paypal. Actually, this is pretty cheap compared to all those other softwares.

I prefer not to download my fonts! hehe, but for those who are interested to download their own, then just go ahead and click on the buy now button.

7. Install, so this is the last part here. You will need to install the downloaded font. It's quite simple and easy.

For windows 7:
  • Double-click your font file
  • Click the Install button
For vista, xp, 2000, me, 98, 95:
  • Open "Control Panel" (under Start->Settings)
  • Double-click "Fonts" category
  • Select "Install New Font..." from File menu
  • Browse to the location you placed the font file
  • Select "Your font (TrueType)" from the window
  • Click the Ok button

For mac os:
  • Locate your font file in the Finder
  • Double-click the font file icon
  • Font Book should display the font
  • Click the Install button

For linux:
  • Find out the default font installation directory (usually /usr/share/fonts/truetype/)
  • Copy the font file to that directory
  • Rebuild the font folder index
  • Update the font cache (e.g. fc-cache)
Note: Be reminded that this installation may require you to reboot your pcs as well. 

This steps are simple and beyond easy for everyone to follow through , Kodus to the deveoper of this resource, Daniel Thomas!!!


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