Aiesha Celebrates her First Birthday with Jollibee!!!

My only little niece, baby Aiesha turned one last Thursday, February 10, 2011 but the celebration took place last Saturday, February 12, 2011. We still had a simple celebration on her day but on Saturday was the grand one because she had a special guest that day. I made her a special cake as well which can be downloaded on my scrapbook site.

Everyone in the family were really excited that all of us woke up early to start the decoration and preparation, we were thinking that Baby Aiesha might be afraid of her guest later but still hopeful that she would enjoy the celebration. As you have known with my older post, Preparations for Baby Aiesha's First Birthday, I was assigned for her invitation cards and her tarpaulin. Everyone says it's really nice and pinky. Well, all the best for my niece!

Here are some of the preparation photos: 

I messed up her cake's Happy print, my bad! I am so so sorry baby!

I was teaching her how to show one finger when she will be asked about her age.

With her mommy!

So the party started at three in the afternoon and almost everyone were present, the invited kids and their parents were there and our relatives were present too. Some not invited kids were at the gate, waiting for someone to open the doors for them.

I did mention that there was a special guest in the party. He was someone with big dark eyes, chubby tummies, yellow shoes, eight fingers , you are wrong if you're thinking it was Kokey, he has two cute white wings too. I bet you already know who I am referring to, yes! It was Jollibee with some burger yums. He appeared later on the event though. Baby Aiesha was scared of him at first but later on kissed him on his cheek and I guess that was a sign that they are already friends. We were relieved by then.
She was scared at first...
But Jollibee entertained her...

Jollibee then got a kiss from her confirming their friendship!

We never thought we already had a Jollibee in the family!

The Jolly Beltran family with Jollibee... <3

Baby with Tita Jean and Ninong James!
Baby Aiesha and the young ones seemed to enjoy the kids party with Jollibee that afternoon, actually, not just them but the once young too! Including us, everyone was like a kid when Jollibee came in dancing.
Check out how Jollibee entertained all of us in this video:

After the afternoon party, came the thanksgiving part. It has been our clan's culture that when someone celebrates another year, a pastor with all the brethren will bless the celebrant. So after the small bible talk with Pastor Rosete, everyone stretched out their hands and the blessing started. We were thankful for my 23rd birthday, Baby Aiesha's first birthday and James' 23rd birthday too on this coming 18th. And then the much awaited part came in, dinner was served! 

Main dish was placed on the center, Lechon Baboy which was skinless and headless after a few minutes. Poor piggy! There were a lot of deserts too. We had cotchinta, macaroni salad, gulaman and Renefx mixed with pineapple chunks. Everyone burped all acids out! Lols...

Baby Aiesha also had opened her gifts that night. Here are some of her photos:

Thank you to everyone who had attended the celebration and to those who had given some gifts as well. Above all, thank you to the Father above who had given the most precious gift of life.

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