It's a Sweet Cuddly Valentines Day

Today isn't just an ordinary day to me because it's only on these days that I can see different variety of hearts and other things about love all over Cebu City! I believe not just on Cebu but all over the country, maybe on some other countries too but certainly, everyone, may it be the one in love or the one on the firing squad is celebrating the Rabbit's heart day!

What's so nice about the Valentines Day anyway? Well for the gals like me, we expect our partners, boyfriends, lovers, husbands and etc to be giving us flowers, teddy bears, chocolates... name them all. Even a single love letter would actually do lighten our faces and would give warm to our hearts. For the guys out there, I know you want your girl to be truly happy on this special holiday.

So what did I get for the Hearts' Season? Hmmm... I was expecting flowers actually. Today is our third Valentines Day together and to recall, during the first year, he gave me a bouquet of white roses: 

Last year, he gave me a silver flower ring:

And this time, he gave me a brown cuddly teddy bear!

at the booth were James purchased the bear!

my two cuddly love bears

Thank you Igat!!! Mwaah Mwaah Hugs Hugs.. 

I wonder what will be for 2012? I can't wait 'til that comes! 

Happy Valentines Day everyone! What did your special someone did for you today?

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