Is Taking a Bath Without Sleep Bad?

My grandparents and so as James have been telling me since then not to take a bath when I don't have any sleep because that causes eye problems but I am a hard headed woman and instead of following them, I would go straight to the bathroom and take a shower.  I would sometimes feel guilty doing it when they are all concerned about my health. I never had time to search for its effect on the internet until today so I want to share my research to you guys, guess someone else might have been curious about it as well.
from wiki.answers: No, its not bad. Just don't use cold or hot as your temperature for the water. Make sure you shower with warm water.

from yahoo answers, this is actually chosen by the voters as the best answer:
Taking a bath is a way of letting your muscles and nerves relax, its really the best therapy for a tired and drugged out body, make sure you dont stay in to long tho, especially, since you say youve done without sleep for awhile. It can relax you enough to put you to sleep right away, Just try it and see!

this is kinda funny answer, still from yahoo answers:
No, so long as you don't fall asleep and drown in the tub.

I did try to search for answers about it on some medical sites but for some reasons, there are no results for that search phrase. So I am assuming that there's no evidence that would actually prove that it is bad to take a bath when you don't have enough sleep.

Alright then to my granma, grandpa and James, I know you are just concern about me guys and my health too, thanks and I love you but it's okay honey... It's safe, you can try it too! Hehe...

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