Dumaguete's Quezon Plaza Yet Again

If you go to Dumaguete with a motorcycle with you, as how we brought Mia with us when we went to the said city last August, Dumaguetenons will easily know you're an alien. Know why? Because in Dumaguete, if you park your bike in their plaza someone's gonna take care of it and properly align it with the rest, aside from properly arranging these motorcycles, they will also look after them for only Php 5. Unlike in Cebu where these guys sometimes ladies who stand next to your bikes would only attend if you are already on our way out from where we parked it so they can collect the money even without doing anything. I don't really like giving them some cents but James would always insists so I just give them anyway.

I was even surprised when I saw these guys wearing some IDs on them which made me thought that they are legal personnel. I was even surprised when this person immediately took over the motorcycle himself after James parked it evenly at a side, Tanya and Don were both laughing at us and said this is normal in Dumaguete City. People can easily recognize we were not locals in the area.

The motorcycles pile like obedient grade school children and I have seen them only in Dumaguete City.

Gladly, the Tayada Sa Plaza was held in the Quezon plaza itself so we had some roaming around after the event which wrapped up at almost six in the afternoon. And I fell in love with Rizal Boulevard again just like when I first came to this romantic place!

Group photo at the vintage car in Quezon Park
Aiming at James...
And of course, Rizal Boulevard!

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