Tempurahan sa Boulevard

A few meters away from the sea port area in Dumaguete City, at the end of the lovely and romantic Rizal boulevard, a pack of hungry Dumaguetenos, foreigners and local tourists gathered, some eating while others patiently waiting for their street food which were about to be served by the accommodating ate and kuya vendors.
I didn't see this spot when James and I were here last year for our third year anniversary. I just learned that this just opened recently; it reminds me of Tagbilaran's Sky is the Limit minus the barbeque food. And boy, of you're at this place you'll surely love to eat your own food with the type of ambiance in front of you.

Tempurahan sa Boulevard is how the Dumaguetenos call it and this is only visible at night where tempuras, balut and other street foods are mostly in demand.

There was nothing special about the tempura or even the balut. They are the same food you can see and buy at any street side vendors, usually near schools or universities or anywhere where there's much number of people. There's one unique thing about their tempuras here, they don't have the sweet sauce ready to dip our sticks in or even the spicy ones. The sauces were placed in a container which you would personally pour on a plate or something, this is cleaner though compared to what we have here in Cebu where we all share the same can of sauce. Whatcha think?

tempura sarap!
I forgot if we were done eating or we haven't started yet.
But I wonder why these heads are turning in to this place. I just realized the answer when I too had experience sitting on their small sized plastic chairs and on their plywood-made table sets, watching the glowing and shimmering lights of the boulevard and observing the gentle people mostly lovers walk by across the streets, holding hands and cuddling to each other’s arms. Ah! Nothing beats the view and the cool air breeze of Rizal Boulevard while enjoying my eight to ten tempura sticks, two spicy baluts with a mix of iced cold cola drink. I was like... *BurP!

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