The Cold Mt. Uragay Spring Resort

A day worth celebrating that was for me James, Tanya and Don. Celebrating love with good friends was our plan, Tanya and Don's eight anniversaries and on the other hand, James and I are going 37 months too. Darwin and Cathy, our good friends were able to go with us, really appreciate their presence while Carlo and Dhowee weren’t able to make it.

Mt. Uragay Spring is located in Brgy. Corte Carmen Cebu, four towns away from Mandaue City where we are residing. From Mandaue,we need to go pass by Consolacion, Liloan, Compostela and Danao. That took us an hour or so for the trip, including the short stop at Danao Local Market to buy some hanging rice and roasted chicken.

Barangay Corte is a few kilometers away from the high way road, there weren't any problems going up to Mt. Uragay since the roads are cemented and there aren’t any very slopy ones. I need to say that the air breeze was fresh and cool, made me took my helmet off and feel it's coolness on my face.

Houses are a bit far from each other which gave me the impression that there are "not like us" creatures around, yet the barangay is gifted with natural resources, we saw a land full of Banana plants. The fruits are covered with plastic materials and a storage house stood at the center of the plantation. Then I saw another area with newly harvested corns, reminds me of my farm town.
We finally reached Mt. Uragay, at first glance of the area, I was a bit disappointed, the water which I saw from where I was standing was muddy but when we went in, we then learned that what we saw was just a fishpond. A pond full of fish! Young Tilapias can be found near the shore, thousands if not hundreds of them were opening up their jaws while looking at the skies. I asked James why they were doing they act, he answered that these fishes are simply eating. Big orange Koi fishes were seen in the pond too and were friends with the rest of the fishes.
A few meters away from the fishpond, two pool lies - one for the children and another pool for the adults. Further to the hilly part were perks singing hardly through a music box or mostly known in the Philippines as “videoke”. Adult pool goes from five feet to nine feet, a thick rope is hanged in both ends at the center of the pool for assistance, reminds me of the Mantayupan Falls. The pool doesn't contain any chlorine at all, this is a free flowing pool from the Mt. Uragay spring and that it goes straight out from the pool to the pond and other canal ways.
Our lunch was served and so we ate first before going into the pool. We had spaghetti, chicken and pork in tomato sauce, roasted chicken and the favorite Bebong's Mango Cake. Burp...
So damn cold! The water was so damn cold, I retrieve my foot back on the cemented floor, my body refuses to go deep into the waters and I just realized why almost all guests were sitting in the edges part of the pool. But it was soo boring if we won't go and take a swim so I eventually gained the courage to go in but it took me five minutes more to swim down, few minutes more and my body became immune to the water's coldness.

The truth here is I was not expecting the place to like this. It was a total opposite of what I was seeing that day, I believe I had seen a blog post about this place before and photos were different to what is in front of me. In fact I first thought we were in the wrong place but we have to enjoy what we have right there and then.
The cottages
Welcoming bridge
The resort is full of this local flower called "Kanding-kanding"

Certain things to be observed while swimming:
  • No running around
  • No eating beside the pool
  • No drinking beside the pool
  • No washing anything in the pool
  • No wearing long pants while swimming
  • No children allowed to swim in the big pool
  • And observe cleanliness
Entrance Fees:Adult: Php 50Children (ages 2 years old to 10) : Php 25Table with 4 chairs: 150Table only: Php 100Family Cottage: Php 500Single Cottage: Php 300
Parking Fees:Car - Php 15Motorcycle - Php 10
Overnight swimming: Php 100
For reservations call 429-8200 or email at

Gladly, another new place to add on my "Go at least once a month to a place you have never been before."

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