My Manila Trip

It was never my wish to go visit Manila neither to stay there for good. The city has a vague picture to me and that whenever someone talks about it, I would always imagine the busy streets, polluted and noisy too. As previously mentioned, I never wished to visit Manila city, the capital city of our dear Philippine country. But opportunity kicks in once in a blue moon, my first degree cousin, Jesil was about to be married in Laguna, specifically in Calauan and I couldn't resist but go because our family are supportive and we want to witness their wedding day. Aside from that I was thinking this is an opportunity I can't refuse, it’s a time for me to see for myself how Manily looks like. And though some of my assumptions are wrong; most of my imaginative scenes are true.

This was my first air travel too so I was sort of excited, after 24 years of waiting I have now experienced three travelling means, land, sea and air. It took me so long to get this three done but it’s better late than never!
Dad and I had originally come up with an itinerary on places we need to go at a specific time yet, it seemed that Manila or the Luzon province is a huge place that going one to another area or place was hard to do especially if you don’t have your own vehicle.

I lost track of the time of the itinerary and worst, I lost the chance of going to the places I had on my itinerary.
These were the spots I had planned to visit:
Ocean Park
Mall of Asia
Enchanted Kingdom
Manila Zoo

And here’s the list of places that were realized out of the itinerary:
Ocean Park
Manila Zoo
I guess that’s just it but some added spots were:
Star City
Rode LRT

Of course we went to Calauan, Laguna for my cousin’s wedding day which was the main reason of our travel.

It was hard for me to balance our trip with the people we were with; my parents, older brother and his wife, sister in law and my niece were present. My aunt and cousins were also with us, we were all 11 heads in the group. I would say that if it was just me and James all along, we might had visited every part of the city but it was not the situation, I had to make sure everyone’s choice of place were considered during the trip. Honestly, I was sad that we never get to visit Enchanted Kingdom; we just passed it when we were going back to Manila from the wedding in Laguna. I got to see the ferries wheel though but nonetheless, I am glad we visited Star City. And one more thing, I got the chance to experience the LRT ride!

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