Oh I Love Fruit Shakes!

Fruit juice and shakes always mesmerize me aside from being super tasty, these are nutritious drinks too which made me a fan of Thirsty. Yet Thirsty's a bit costly and that servings aren't that satisfying but I am glad there's SM's Fruit Shake to love!

In SM Cebu's grocery area just underneath the staircase is a space for fruit lovers as well as the vegetarians. And of course where SM's fruit shake can be found. For only Php 32, you can buy a 12oz mixed fruits to be blended in fruit shake and if you crave for the larger size, just pay Php 40 for the 16oz. whenever I got the chance to visit SM Cebu, fruit shakes will always be a must.

This guy serves our fruit shakes , we like him coz we can ask him to add more fruits. *wink!
The variety of fruits to choose.
What I really like about it is that if the paper cup is already full yet there are still some more left in the blender, the shake guy would let us drink some so he can fill all in! I can drink more than a cup for just Php 40 and my favorite mix is apple, pineapple and lots of mangoes.
We all love it!

But wait! There's more than just fruit shakes because there are fruit juices too good for Php 23.00 Better than buying sodas or soft drinks which are not good for the body!

Try it out! It's much healthier and cheaper!

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