A Three Minute Death Experience

It was an out of the blue decision; my older brother and her wife were asking me if I would like to join them on this exciting ride. My parents both agreed that they will come with them and I was challenged considering that my parents are both oldies, not really old, they are aged 50s yet they have the guts to ride on those things. James on the other hand declined, he isn't into these scary things, said he might throw up.

Off we go and lined up together with the noisy teenagers. I never felt scared or afraid if this ride might kill me although I have seen the faces of those who were just done with the ride. Their faces were like they were about to throw up, some were teary eyed and some of them were shouting and laughing at the same time. Well, I was just confident because I have my parents with me and I thought three minutes was too short.

We seated side by side, my dad, mom, me, my sister in law then my brother. We were all excited and James was there in front to take our photos and record the said happening.

Scared ???
These crews now started locking up our seats, it was my turn when the guy told me we need to really tighten up the seat, I could hardly breathe. I told him if this is okay, he said this is normal so to ensure we won't go out to the air during the ride. My mom and dad were both complaining about their seats, saying they can't really breathe. Then the crews gathered in front and asked them for the last time if they would like to still go on and do this. Both of them shook their heads as a sign that they don't want to do it, and then I felt scared. I want to go with them but when I looked on those crews' faces, they were like disappointed. They need to unlock all the seats then, I realized these seats have a centralized lock on them that if one of the seats needs to be unlocked, everything should be unlocked too and start again.
The Yes or No Game
It was too late to back out when I saw the metal-made floor slowly moving down, and then I felt myself going around, it was a wonderful feeling at first, both me and my sister in law were shouting to the top of our lungs when the ride started going up like doing a 360 degree turn while going in circles. At some point, I can only see the dark skies and sometime I can see the people's faces while we were being pulled to the other side.
I felt death when the ride made its final turn and pulled us to the top of the pole. Whenever we were being thrown to the other end, I want to feel the ground but I couldn't. Whenever we were pulled up, my stomach seemed to go out of my body as well as my soul. Most of the time, I had to close my eyes especially when I am facing the people below. 

It's too hard to explain it in words so I would like you to watch the video instead, the guy in yellow is my brother, next to him to the left is his wife then me.
When I felt the turn was slowly decelerating, I was very happy. My body’s wanted to go out of where I was sitting. I found myself shouting as a sign of victory. I felt tears on my eyes which I immediately swiped away. Happiness felt my heart that I was able to overcome this fear!

It was a ride I never imagined myself riding again in the future. Once was enough but I can't close my doors to future chances.

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