Dream Big Jean!!!

While everyone in the floor was busy talking to their customers, to each other and to other officers, I was also busy dreaming. Day dreaming that I have the things I want to have right in the palm of my hands. A friend told me that most of the millionaires had written down their goals in life in a paper and did everything that they can to reach them with a sense of urgency and credibility.

He even shared that we must be specific enough with our goals and dreams so that God won't have a hard time in fulfilling them. I thought of it and I came up with my own list of dreams and goals, here it is, I will start from those that are attainable to the most challenging ones.

I want to start saving one eight thousand pesos every month.
I want to have a white Playstation portable before Decemeber 2010 ends.
I want to have a professional Nikon or Sony SLR digital camera with accessories and take a class on how to use them professionally.
I want to earn Php 40k a month or more.
I want to give the 10% of my earning back to God.
I want to sponsor the education of my relatives.
I want to have my own two story dream house, it should have a terrace, four bedrooms with their own comfort rooms, a garage and a garden. Swimming pool is optional. This will happen before I reached 30.
I want to go tour around the Philippines' best tourist spots with my family and loved ones.
I want to buy a land in the city and have my own boarding house.
I want to have my own Silver or White Honda City.
I want to have another Honda City, black or red one would do for my parents.
I want to start my own business together with the man I love and who loves me.
I want to have a simple yet elegant wedding with the same man as mentioned above and give him two or three children. Two boys and a girl, she can be the second or the third child.
I want to be a hands-on mom to my children.
I want to secure the future of my children and in the same way, teach them how to be responsible of their lives.
I want to ride on a cruise with my husband and spend two or three days in the most romantic city.
I want to build my own charity institution for the less-fortunate families, give them jobs and help them earn a living at the age of 40.
I want to focus the rest of my life serving God, loving my family and helping others.

I had a such a good feeling while dreaming about all the things I mentioned above. Dreaming indeed has no limits. Now, the question is how to attain and obtain these things with a sense of urgency and credibility.

I can't attain them if I am just employed forever, I believe that running a business is the best solution for me to reach all of those mentioned above.

So, I am done, I know there will be more to be added in the list. and that will depend on the things that I do to achieve them.

How about your dreams? Have you written down those dreams of yours as well? If not, then start scribbling now, remember, the success of your future is on the palm of your hands.

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5 Comments to “Dream Big Jean!!!”

  • "I want to start saving one thousand pesos every month."

    pila imong sweldo jean? at least 15k a month? posible man ka maka save more than a thousand sa usa ka buwan jean. hehehe!

    sa akong bahin i am working at home (focused since i resigned from my daytime job in it park last april), dali keu ko naka reach og 10k sa akong savings. ni reach pa jud nag 20k but nibelow napud og 10k kay nepalit og netbook last September. i think karon nibalik napud og saka akong savings. hehehe!

    ay o sa daytime job, i started saving money last january of this year 1k every month sad. at least naka 4k ko. actually wa kaabot og 7k akong sweldo sa usa ka buwan kato nga company sa it park. pero nahurot lang tong 4k ke ako man ge suroy2x. hehehe!

    if you start saving money right away, tanang nisunod sa listahan nimo mahitabo na xa tanan. hehehe!

  • @rox: hello rox! sorry, murag sayup na xa.it should be 8k per month...

    in my case sa karon, lisod jd makasave compared sa imohang situation. You are working at home, no transpo expenses, ako magtaxi permi since alas 2 ako duty, you eat at home, I don't cook so palit jd tanan nakong kaon. Naa koy bhauz balayranan monthly and I also send money para sa akong family. I can save but mahurot jpon tungod sa mga gastos.hehe but I am starting to save now para makatigum jud and naa sad business so I believe I can save now..hehe

  • 8k per month? di ko makatuo kaha ana... or 8k kinsenas? hahaha! call center man kaha u? pinakagamay kaha nga sweldo sa agent ke 13k i guess.

    yep naa pud disadvantage if u r working in a company then layo pa jud inu balay so naa jud daghan gastoonon.

    maayo ka dinha kay nay negosyo. ako intawn nay idea but implementation ray wala. heheeh!

  • nope.. dli sad 8k akong sweldo uy.. hehe ang akong gnahan masave..hehe

    sakto jud rox.. mas nice ang homebased.. unsaon d ay ang sa odesk? unsay mga articles nga imong gipangsuwat?

  • awh dako sad nang 8k a month oi xaro.

    jz click my referral: Odesk referral

    depende sa amo, tagaan rman ko nilag research materials. kita ka sa ako ipost sa fb katong Ezine Articles? mao to xa. i write under a pen name.

    my tip for you ke nag work man ka sa cc, jz make this as ur sideline job.

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