Barangay Elections 2010

What's so fuzzy today?

I logged out from work and rode on a PUJ, damn the job, I couldn't participate our nation's big event today and I can't practice my right to suffrage because mainly I was registered in my homeland and not here in Cebu. This is supposed to be my third time to vote but thanks to my job, I will be removed from the list of registered voters now. But I don't have a choice at all.

Enough for that, going back, as strolling to the roads, I have noticed that there were few people aroung compared to those normal days. We stopped at the Mabolo Church where the highway road was filled with people of different ages, that was the only time that I had realized, it is indeed Barangay Elections Day. There was a variety of people in the place, old and young, girls and boys, mommies and daddies and those young peoples. Most of them were holding those colored papers with the list of candidates, I suppose those were sample ballots. It was not my first time to see those because I had my first suffrage experience way back when I was in my second year in college. I strongly believe that most voters don't really write down their own selected candidates, but asked for the printed sample ballots for easier, painless selection of candidates, just my opinion though. In my case, during my first ever experience, I was able to write down my trusted candidates and believe me, I never filled the slots, I only had written down those I have in my list. I didn't care if there will be spaces, I just care about those people I trust to be trusted.

So after Mabolo, we head over and stopped at T.Padilla Elementary School, still full of people roaming around, holding those colored flyers while every now and then someone would approach them and attempt to hand another colored paper.

Later after arriving home, I had a chance to talk to one of my colleagues, Markem. He said he had already casted his vote. His dad also had ran for a position in their municipality and he was assigned a task to do during the day. He told me that the other party had actually invested in buying the vote of the people. I was not sure what was the exact amount but we all know that isn't the righteous way. 

They may say, it is okay to accept them since you did not ask for it in the first place and they do stand and believe in the saying that a refusal to an offer is an insult. But this "buying" thing, is this a part of those we call "offers"? Offers that we can't afford to refuse? I am not sure here though. Anyway, at the end of the day, the decision as to accept the offer or not lies to each Filipino.

Anyways, this is the part of my day which I like most, I was able to enjoy it with James, he did not go home as well since he was busy with something last night and was not able to catch the last trip. We went to Elizabeth Mall bought some photopapers at CDR-King, ate at Dimsum and he bought me a shirt too, yepey!

I may say that the preparation to this Barangay Election was not like the Presidential one but this is not something that can just be ignored and forgotten after a couple of months. The chosen leaders shall prove to those who supported them their worth and hopefully, we can see the change that our motherland has been longing for. Good luck to all and may  God bless the Philippines!

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