Supah Into Vampire Diaries
I am being supah addictive to Vampire Diaries right at this moment. It is just a great series, no wonder why my colleagues were also into it. I never had any intention of being a fan before, way before two days ago.

Two days ago, I was thinking of what to do when my rest days would come. I thought I will be bored, I have grounded myself because I am broke and payday is just like too long to come. So I asked James to download Vampire diaries for me. I never regreted that I asked him to because right now, I am just super into it. I have just finished the first season and I am dying to watch the second one.

I like the story, the twists, the ever nervous system threatening scenes, not to mention those ones that made me scream at the top of my lungs. Well, I am such a coward, I admit, the movie isn't that scary actually but the sound effects are. Everytime that I feel it is gonna scare me to death, I would lower down the volume and cover my eyes with my pillow or anything that could cover it.

I love the casts, yes I do. I am just mesmerized by Elena/Katherine's (Nina Dobrev) beauty and body. She just had that super curve body and she has an angelic face. She seemed perfect. I also like Damon (Ian Somerhalder), the first time he appeared on screen, I had already a crush on him. I like his bad guy aura and those eyebrows, I am just totally fascinated. I would admit, I don't like Stefan as much as I like Damon. Even if Stefan is the good one, I kinda like Damon more. Like this photo here:
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I think Damon is soooo manly than Stefan, this is just my own point of view.

The movie talked about Elena who looks exactly the same as Katherine from the 1960's. Elena is the total opposite of Katherine. Katherine was a vampire and she was selfish and bitchy. She dated both Damon and Stefan making them both vampires as well. The people at the Mystic Town had learned about the vamps and they planned of burning them all at the church but then for some circumstances, Katherine escaped and the rest were actually hidden at the ground by a witch named Emily. Emily pledged her loyalty to Katherine that was why she hiden the other vamps instead of burning them out.

Stefan and Damon became vampires because they fed themselves with blood. They had Katherine's blood within them before Katherine was caught and so they went into transition. And then the rest was history until 2009 when Stefan saved Elena from an accident where Elena's parents died.

The first season ended with Katherine killing Elena's biological father, Jason. I am super excited to watch the second season. I just found out that the second season is up to the fifth episode yet. I thougt I am not yet behind it.

Another bloody fangs next time, this would be more exciting with Katherine and Elena and the Salvatore brothers.
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Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore
Nina Dobrev as Katherine and Elena


You take your own bloody experience too!!!


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