Lots of Loads from Embee Mobile Wallet on Facebook

Believe me, this is true. I have just experienced it a few minutes from now. I received Php 300 worth of minutes or shall I say load from Embee Mobile wallet  on facebook. Promise, I am telling the truth, if you are doubting, then try it yourself.

So this is how it works...

You need to register to Embee Mobile Wallet first, you can either go to the application right away or it is better if you click here for my referral. There are a lot of ways to earn embee minutes, there are surveys, account sign up, watching videos and a lot more just click on the earn tab to know the other ways of earning minutes:

And oh! Before getting to this page, you will be asked for your phone number. There are three options for you to choose depending on your current balance. 

On my case, I earned 118 minutes and so, I attempted to redeem the 115 minutes that should give me 500 worth of loads but no luck, it was unsuccessful, I was unable to get capture the error message but it told about reaching the limited amount. I tried redeeming it for a couple of times but still there was an error message. So I gave up and clicked on the 90 minutes instead and clicked on the complete top-up button, after 20-30 seconds, I received an sms... *beep beep, my centro said. And as I checked it, TAAADDAAAAH!! it was 300 worth of minutes from Smart!

Totally amazing! So if you are curious about it and you're logged in to facebook right now, click here

You don't wanna miss this opportunity, don't you? 


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4 Comments to “Lots of Loads from Embee Mobile Wallet on Facebook”

  • The service is pure crap. First off, yes you can earn minutea, but it's far from free.

    While it is true that it doesn't usually cost money, most of them still aren't worth it. For the truly free ones (i.e. - watching videos), you only earn 1 minute. But there are ones that want you to take a survey (most of them make you take most of the survey just to tell you that you don't qualify), or download toolbars that either are loaded with spyware, and are near impossible to uninstall. But for a decent amount of minutes, you have to sign up to receive a bunch of phone calls from auto insurance agents trying to sell you insurance. And those ones want your social security number.

    But if you want some major minutes, you have to purchase services like Direct TV, magazine subscriptions, or sign up and be approved for a credit card. And they call it "free minutes."

    It isn't free and isn't worth it.

  • http://www.embeemobile.com/fb/wallet/?invitedby=1216184156

  • Today,I cashed out for embee mobile I-wireless cards that didn't work. When I called to have the PINS entered into my phone account it said that the cards had already been redeemed. I tried emailing Embee but haven't got a response.

  • @Kayla S., that is very odd...So embee haven't returned your email yet? In my case, I was able to redeem the earned minutes right then and there. I hope this will be resolved as soon as possible, I would appreciate it as well if you would update me once embee has responded to your email.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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