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I have set an eye to this blogger feature here, if you haven't notice the envelope icon right beside your blog's name, you might haven't known that blogger has the option to post via email. Yes, they say you can post via email and that is the thing that I am trying to prove today.

This post is intended for testing so I maybe talking trash here but no worries, it is just for testing purposes anyway. Now, I want to post a photo, how will I do that? I might need to review the feature's capabilities though. Well oh well, as per blogger help, images attached to the email will be posted as well. Let's give it a try then!

If this would work, then two thumbs up for blogger. If I am unfortunate and this wouldn't work, then I will just forget about today and move on, anyway, I don't know if I could ever customize the font face, size or the color by this test post.

Whatever, but I have been wondering for this feature quite awhile already so I won't let today's shift end without getting any proof. Either it would work or not, this blog will show the answer.

Let's see… I am clicking send now…

Woooshoooo… SENT!

Oh oh! Where did the email go?

Hmmmm… let's wait and see…

it worked but not perfect, well I was the one who made it imperfect actually. After sending it, I refreshed the page and poop! the post was there. Unfortunately, blog was messed up. The sidebar gadgets were dislocated and was placed on the bottom. I almost freaked out!

So immediately, I edited the post and when I tried to save it, there were meta tags which are not permitting the post to be saved. I found out that those meta tags were from Microsoft Word. I created the post in word 2003 before I copied it to the email and had created the problem. I will create another email test post without using word and see what would happen.

But then, as I promised, KODUS to blogger! This is such a beautiful feature.


jean <3

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