White tigers @ Joy's and a visit at Anguay's

It was Barangay Election and SK Election and if you could remember, I posted Barangay Elections Day that same day thinking that was the end of my long and sleepless day but I was totally wrong. It was not the end of my sleepless day after all because when I reached home, I checked my suncellular phone and wow.. I was amazed! I had like 20 received textmessages and 4 missed calls. I immediately opened them and tadaah! it was an invitation by one of our Uplines. His girlfriend was celebrating her birthday and we were invited. The meet up time was actually 5:30 in the afternoon and that was past 7:00pm. 

To sum things up, I hurriedly changed clothes and called them that I am still coming, good thing they were still in Mcdo - Basak and still waiting for the others. I was able to catch up and we straightly went to Joy's residence.

The guests were already eating when we arrived but we catch up immediately. Joy then blew her candles after we sang the "Happy Birthday song". The candle was the most amazing thing during that time because after she blew the candles, it lit up again and again. It was like magic, after a couple of attempts, Richard, Joy's boyfriend decided to just throw it away since it won't stop lighting up again and again. The cake was from Goldilocks which Richard had bought for his "only one", aside from the Goldilocks cake, the White Tigers had also bought two chocolate cakes from Red Ribbon. 

It was almost eleven in the evening when we were decided to go home from Joy's birth day celebration. But instead of going home, we decided to go to Anguay's residence. We actually have no reasons why but we just thought it was the best thing. Wew... I just knew that Mark, his first name, has his own house already which was given by his parents. I had also learned that he has a child already who is staying with his parents. His house was fully furnished, it was a two story building. I had also found a lot of good stuffs inside which are not that common. I found collections of dolls from Thailand, China and etc. Take a look:

 such a beautiful doll.

these two were placed at a higher height so I just took one pic each of them and zoomed them twice.

 Grandpa and Grandma were there too.

Afraid with this croc at the top of their TV.

Mark said this huge gold fish means goodluck. Wish I have one too...

We had a great and cool time there. All we did were sleep, talked about our dreams, surfed the net, joke around and eat! We had a eaten three boxes of 11 inches pizza from Alberto's Pizza and a pitcher of Renefx!

Went home at 6 in the morning, though I didn't have a long sleep, I was loaded with fun from my White Tigers team.

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