A Blessing in Disguise

I never thought that the qbay thingy last July which I have posted in my Things I hate About July was a huge blessing in disguise. I am now seeing the great things about it and the blessings I have received because of that experience.

At first I was really frustrated how that came out. I had great disappointment about it and that I was discouraged in doing my job. Even though i got a high CSAT score which is important, it was pulled down by my First call Resolution resulting to a Stack Ranking score of 70% and to the passing is 80%.

That was the darker side of it and the rest were all good ones. During the qbay period, I was like having a vacation. I only took calls for one and a half hours, and the rest of the day was spent with aux 5's.

After the two weeks vacation, I was surprised because I just received a two thousand worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates and six movie tickets. You can check the whole story at my I *heart* Surprises post.

Then today, see how the blessing in disguise worked out? Our account client from California just arrived and because the whole account got a total CSAT score of 8.68, he was super amazed about it and decided to give five centro devices to the top five agents, including me. Here is my second centro, I have white this time.

Isn't it a blessing after all?

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