New Gadget: Quote of the Month

I just recently added a new gadget for my blog and that is the "Quote of the Month". Yes, what you're thinking is definitely right, I will be posting a specific quote here every month. That quote can be inspirational, love quote or anything which I have found online. I won't consider it as mine so which is why I will put the name of whoever had published it. If ever I have offended someone for publishing their work, just please contact me and I will delete that quote instantly. I will changing it every first week of the month.

The quote thingy has been part of the first contents of my blog which is why I have a separate tab for it. Before, I had a gadget as well but I deleted it because of the changes I made with my interface. I am glad I was able to add them back. Check the "share a quote" tab as well!

For this month, I have posted a quote published by Miss Leah A. Velasco from her facebook status. 

Be inspired!!!

"Let us allow our friends the freedom to respond as they want and are able to. Let their receiving be as free as our giving. Then, we will become capable of feeling true gratitude."

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