KTV sessions with College Pals

From the top: Frederick Revilleza, Charisma Comandao, Japheth Ubaldo, Liezel Tagac, Evariz Paragoso, Mark Anthony Boiser, Kenneth Karl Torres, Benjie Belotindos, Tiffany Tieza Trinidad Tomol, James Figues, Nestor Papellero, Jufni Rizada, Maria Tonette Caballero, and Avelino Ceriola Jr..

Taken last October 16, 2010 some of them were taken at Gimik KTV house and most were at Alberto's Pizza - Rodriguez Branch. I really do miss those people, they were my college classmates and lifetime best friends. Some of my best buddies during college were not here like Michelle Talaboc, whom I have considered as my first friend here in Cebu. I miss you cheli!!! 

Going back, I would consider Gimik as our barkada's KTV hub because even before when we were in college, there was no other KTV house that we would go there except at Gimik. The air-conditioning can accommodate up to twenty persons, their song list are not that bad, there are new songs and the sound system is pretty good. The good thing there is that we can only pay Php 100 per hour unlike other KTV bars. Before, when we were in college, we would bring junk foods inside even though it is not allowed. Like every other KTV bars, they also have corkage fees to foods or drinks that are brought inside the rooms which are half more than the prices of those items. The reason behind why we need to bring stuffs and hide it inside our big bags is because their foods are very expensive. Take a look at their price list:

So the trick on why we were not caught was we would order one or two items from their menu, most likely we would order a pack of chips and one lady's drink. Then they won't notice that the chips we were eating were actually from our big bags. Hehe... Anyways, those were way back in college, now that we have jobs, we would order food and we won't bring hidden chips inside our bags because in the first place, we don't bring bags anymore.

So, one improvement that most of us had noticed is they have this hound dog that would sniff on our bags or any thing that we had brought inside. 

He is quite huge eh but he is really nice and friendly , he didn't even bark at us. Tiffany, whom we are use to call as "Mama Bear" fell in love with him. She is really fond of animals. I can still remember when we were still in college, we went to their old house at Lahug and to we were all surprised. There were varieties of animals inside their home. There were countless of cats and they had names. There were numbers of dogs, there were geese and rabbits. They even have that peacock look-a-like thing. I could not forget "Kim" from among of them because Kim has an illness and her name was derived from the work "Kimpang" which means broken leg.

Enough about Kim, we had like three hours of singing sessions and it was almost 3'oclock in the morning. Everyone was hungry so we went straight to Alberto's Pizza and ate there. We ordered Diavolos, Supreme, Garden, Pepperoni and Full House Pizzas. It was a blast and everyone went home happily. 

'Til next KTV session guys!

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