Aiesha's 2nd Birthday Celebration

My niece turned two last February 10 yet we postponed her celebration because her daddy's arrival was on the 11th. So last Sunday, February 12, 2012 at three o'clock in the afternoon, the kids party had begun. Compared before, there were more children this time. Aiesha's a year older now, she had enjoyed her day specially the cake eating time.

Remembering last year, we invited Jollibee along, this time we decided not to invite any mascots anymore instead, we just let the prepared games rule the party. The children seemed to have enjoyed it as well as the guardians.

Here are the photos during the party:

Aiesha with the children at the party.
Aiesha's daddy helped her blew her cake.
Game time!
Gifts, presents
And the most exciting part was the gift opening. She was livelier this time compared last year, the excitement can be seen whenever she tries to open a gift. In fact, one of the gifts were opened during the party because she was very excited to see what's inside it. She would often ask her dad to open it for her.

I had posted a couple of weeks ago that I had personally prepared her invitation letters and her tarpaulin design as well right? Here are the final designs and I had actually given these designs for free on my free scrapbook blog. Check it out by clicking on the photos below.


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