Water Massage at Calin-Ay Falls

Right after the group swam with the friendly whale sharks in Tan-awan, Oslob, [click here to read story] we headed to this not-too-famous natural falls in the said town.

From Tan-awan, we rode another ceres bus to Barangay Saging where we had drove on some motorcycles, locally known as habal-habal. It was a 5 minute drive from the national highway up to the mountainous place called "Calin-ay".

It was a breather reaching that area, away from the pollution from bus smoke and away from the tall buildings in the city. We had to walk a bit to reach the falls, it was indeed beautiful . There was zero entrance fee, it was just one of the few falls I had ever visited.

What was good about the Calin-ay Falls is that the water was distributed through the whole rock wall. It had created some hollow corners which makes shelter. The water was pretty falling from the above portion, it was a nice feeling yet if you would stay any longer, it would hurt you. I felt like I was having a massage though. Check this video we took:

The area was not developed yet, only a few had known about it though there had been rumors that the local government has plans of developing it so to add to their tourist spots list. We noticed that most of the visitors were those who came from the Whale Shark watching too. Funny how James found some drift wood there, it was actually used for aquariums and he brought it home. He will soon be using it on one of our aquariums, he has plans of selling it online too!

The waters were shallow so we never had a chance enjoy the water much. It was also cold and the only thing that kept us there was the photo-shoot session. Check out some of the photos we taken:
On the way to Calin-Ay Falls
Calin-Ay Falls view
It was almost twelve noon when we decided to go, our next destination was Oslob's Cuartel. The landscape was so steep that going back took us time, I was panting when I reached the habal-habal parking area. We never regret visiting the place, in the future, it might bring name to the said town also.

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